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State Meeting

Pocahontas State Park, Virginia
August 22, 2004

Tom Yager - Arlington - GPVA Co-Chair
Susan Dridi - Arlington - GPVA Co-Chair
Kirit Mookerjee - Arlington - GPVA Treasurer
Charlie Jordan - Blue Ridge
Alex Cutlip - Central Virginia
Jana Cutlip - Central Virginia
Chris Fink - Fredericksburg
James Lowenstern - NOVA
Scott Burger - Richmond
Eric Sheffield - Rockbridge

Facilitator - Susan Dridi, and then Eric Sheffield
Vibeswatcher - Alex Cutlip
Timekeeper - Kirit Mookerjee
Notetaker - Tom Yager

Set dates for upcoming meetings:
Rockbridge - November 13
Charlottesville - Feb 13
New River Valley or Arlington - May

Local contacts bylaw and standardize wording about local contacts in bylaws. Passed by consensus with Charlie Jordan standing aside.

    Each Green Local must choose a Local Contact for the GPVA.
    Replace the phrase "contact person" with "Local Contact" in VII. D.2, D.3, and D.4.
Rick Johnson resigned as GPVA Press Secretary. His resignation was accepted by consensus, with Charlie Jordan and Jana Cutlip standing aside.

Scott Burger was elected as interim Press Secretary, until a new Press Secretary could be elected at the next state meeting. Scott was elected by 8 to 2.

The Co-Chairs were instructed to place the Central Committee bylaw change, originally scheduled for the May 23, 2004 meeting, on the agenda for the November meeting.

GPUS Report
Don Mackler, Kirit Mookerjee, Susan Dridi, Chris Fink and Tom Yager attended the GPUS Nominating Convention in Milwaukee. Chris Fink allocated the delegate votes in proportion with the GPVA primary results. In the second round, votes were not allocated to "no nominee" which is not the same as "none of the above." Due to proxy voting rules adopted by the GPUS, our five delegates were able to cast ten votes representing the wished of GPVA members who voted in our online primary.

Membership bylaw change with modifications was passed by consensus, with Charlie Jordan standing aside.

    Membership in the Green Party of Virginia is open to all members of Green Locals in Virginia and/or any member holding membership in the Greens of Virginia at-large local, except for officers, official spokespersons, candidate and central committee members of other competing political parties. The GPVA shall determine which political parties are competing.
Designation of the Independent Greens as a competing party was adopted by consensus. Agreed to discuss the designation of Democrats and Republicans as competing political parties at the November 2004 meeting.

Proposal to defer the elections of GPUS delegates to the November 2004 meeting was passed by 6 to 1.

Presidential Petition Drive Report by Tom Yager
We were specifically instructed by the SBE not to turn in less than 10,000 signatures. The Cobb/LaMarche campaign will fill out the paperwork needed to certify them as write in candidates. Tom will contact the SBE.

SRC Report by Susan Dridi
Future bylaw changes include a revamping of the ineffective Steering Committee. The SC should include the GPVA officers and committee chairs as well as two at large members from unrepresented parts of the state, as these are the people who are involved with the day to day work. As a non-decision making committee, this reorganization will provide much needed synergy to the work of the Party. Susan also suggested that we have a dedicated GPVA meeting to address all the bylaw changes at one time and be done with them, allowing us to concentrate on party building work.

Eric suggested that we should have no more than one to two bylaw changes per meeting.

Candidate Exploration Committee Report by Eric Sheffield
Eric discussed his presentation from Saturday on running for office. We need to target local races. Each local should look at HOD races. We need to identify the districts not covered by locals. Scott Burger threw his hat in the ring for Governor. Jim Lowenstern suggested that the best way to get 10% of the vote is with a good Attorney General candidate and that we should start early on petitioning. Charlie Jordan said that we need a flexible process, the state can't do everything. Tom Yager agreed to convene the CEC

Treasurer's Report by Kirit Mookerjee
We need to decide on a fundraising strategy. Big events should not occur until after the election. We have $2000 in the bank. Pocahontas cost $438.90.

Newspaper Committee Report by Chris Fink
Chris has three articles for the newspaper and promises for more. We should do an 8-1/2" by 11" newletter. We can use the bulk postal rate only in Charlottesville. Getting material is the biggest hurdle.

IT Report by Susan Dridi
Please let Susan know if you have a forwarding email address and it changes. Please let Susan know if your local's website changes, so that the links from the GPVA site can be updated. Susan also explained why spam is unethical, unsustainable and un-Green, and politically dangerous.

Platform Committee Discussion
The platform needs to be updated. Deadlines for the process need to be set. has links to all the state platforms. We should also look at the GPUS platform, which was just revised. The VOP and VADD would be good sources for platform ideas, since these organizations share the same goals as ours. Recruit platform committee members from the gpva-activism list.

Local Reports

Rockbridge - annual tabling event at the end of August
Arlington - David Cobb visit provided local newspaper and TV coverage.
NOVA - meeting every month, working on POCLAD issues, organics, paperless ballots.
Fredericksburg - need a project such as elections to work on.
Blue Ridge - nothing to report

Closing circle


Minutes GPVA


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