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State Meeting

Charlottesville, Virginia
May 23, 2004

Kirit Mookerjee - Arlington Courthouse Greens & GPVA Treasurer
Susan Dridi - Arlington Courthouse Greens & GPVA Co-Chair
Tom Yager - Arlington Courthouse Greens
Charlie Jordan - Blue Ridge Greens
Alex Cutlip - Central Virginia Greens
Jana Cutlip - Central Virginia Greens
Jim Lowenstern - NOVA Greens
Eric Sheffield - Rockbridge Greens
Katherine Lueptow - Rockbridge Greens
Rick Johnson - At Large
Nick Johnson - At Large

Quorum was established and maintained until 4 PM, at which time the meeting was adjourned.

Facilitator: Susan Dridi, with Eric Sheffield to substitute as necessary
Timekeeper: Rick Johnson
Vibes watcher: Kirit Mookerjee
Note-taker: Jana Cutlip

Agenda was approved with the provision to reviist agenda at 11:40 due to Charlie's concerns about by-laws proposals at end of day.

Minutes from the GPVA business meeting of February 8, 2004 were approved after Charlie expressed concerns about Jim Polk's representation of the NOVA situation. Minutes were approved by Consensus with the proviso that anyone having concerns should express them in writing to the appropriate listserv.

Local Reports:

Arlington Courthouse. Kirit Mookerjee reported that ACG had attended the 18th Annual Maryland United for Peace and Justice event: Tacoma Park Maryland has a Kids for Peace organization of ten year olds: Aaron Webb has been organizing outreach to individuals and organizations, with mailings on living wage defense in Va. General Assembly, N. Va. Peace, opposition to the death penalty. Don Rouse has been licensed for cable access tv weekly half hour show.

Blue Ridge: Charlie Jordan reported that on3/4/04 BRG met and voted to oppose two bylaw changes- local reps and IC change. See for the resolutions. Also, BRG would prefer meeting in the outlying areas in good weather and central locations during winter meeting due to inclement weather conditions. BRG participated in Earth Day Events at Hollins University which was held on Thursday which led to low attendance. BRG is short staffed and seeking organizational guidance on serving members and community.

CVG: Jana Cutlip reported that CVG attended the League of Women Voters Patriot Act Informational Meeting, a panel discussion amongst representatives from UVA Library, ACLU, the Rutherford Institute and the state Commonwealth Attorney. CVG then hosted an event with Ed Whalen a co-author of an Anti Patriot Act Ordinance to be presented to C'ville City Council after a significant number of signatures have been gathered. CVG members are also working with a new group PACE, to oppose two proposed nuclear reactors at Lake Anna. Petitioning is on-going on both issues.

NOVA: Jim Lowenstern reported that NOVA attended a corporatized Earth Day event; Jim Lowenstern is a member of the Environmental Policy Council for the City of Alexandria; the City of Alexandria passed resolution against war in Iraq and Patriot Act.

Rockbridge: Eric Sheffield reported that Rockbridge has met one time since last state meeting, approved by-laws, elected representatives-Katherine and Eric; New County Supervisors were elected and have sparked activism across the political spectrum. Rockbridge has no candidates for congress; will person a booth at Summer Community Festival 8/28 from 10-4. Membership is steady.

Newport News (forming) Rick Johnson reported that there is a lack of volunteers for membership; concerns about nuclear reactors across river; and fraud waste, and abuse in locality- for example $100 M intersection at 64 & Maury. Local economy has collapsed; based on tourism, military, ship-building. Nick reported he will attempt to start a Campus Green local at Christopher Newport university in Fall.

Co-Chair Report. Susan Dridi reported that Jim Polk organized the 1st Annual Activism Networking Event in Richmond, with Matt Gonzalez, which broke even, and yielded contacts with progressive groups. All elector forms are in hand. New locals are being created in Orange/Madison Counties, Prince William County, and Newport News. GPVA co-sponsored March for Womens Lives in DC which was attended by 1 million people. Planning is underway for 4th Annual Retreat at Pocahontas State Park. Priorities are: outreach, helping locals, committees.

Treasurers Report: Kirit reported $2270 in Operating fund. Activist Event broke even, though more money was raised at it than at any other GPVA event. The Auction was the biggest fund-raiser. Most speakers donated travel.

Technology Report: Susan Dridi reported that on-line cumulative voting was used in presidential poll. Passwords have been assigned to members which should make future polling easier. If anyone has trouble posting to the GPVA listservs, they should contact Susan.

GPUS Report: Kirit reported. GPUS Nominating Convention June 23-28 in Milwaukee WI. Delegates: Susan, Kirit, Jim Polk, Chris Fink, Don Mackler, and maybe Jana. Chris Fink calculated Presidential election results. Eighty votes were cast, including on-line and cards mailed to members. If 5 Delegates attend Convention, the first round of voting for GPVA will be: Cobb-1, Nader- 1, Saltzman- 1, NOTA-1. If six Delegates attend: Cobb-1, Nader-1, Saltzman-1, NOTA- 2. GPVA is co-sponsor with three other states for proxy voting at Milwaukee convention. GPVA could have qualified for 15 delegates, but only six people came forward.

Discussion: Jim L. stated in 2000, 235 people voted in GPVA Presidential Primary.

Charlie expressed concerns about VP selection process. His concern was about a proposal within GPUS to allow voting on only one VP candidate, the one selected by the presidential nominee.

Eric proposed that GPVA instruct Kirit to vote against VP selection process. Passed by Consensus.

Jana proposed GPUS reps post Convention Rules votes to IC for votes. Susan objected that By-laws say Reps should use own judgment and that if we want to involve the IC in GPUS delegate votes, we should change our bylaws to say so.

Eric stated Presidential petition drive misdirected, uses scarce resources. GPVA should look toward Lt. Gov and HOD races for next year.

Nader petitions have been circulating for two weeks.

Tom felt people at meeting should commit to writing article for newsletter. Eric objected to doing so without a clear publishing schedule. Susan suggested SRC should come up with Guidelines for Media Committee.

Eric suggested referring to GP CA guidelines for candidates.

Nominations for GPVA Officers
Susan Dridi- Female Co-Chair
Kirit Mookerjee- Treasurer
Tom Yager- male Co-Chair
Rick Johnson- Press Secretary

Jana expressed concerns about uncontested elections. Susan pointed out that this is unfortunately often the case. Eric suggested SRC craft a nominating committee for GPVA Officers.

Susan suggested referring to SRC: review of Steering Committee, Membership Committee, Outreach Committee, local organizing, nominations.

Petition Coordinator Report by Tom Yager. A pdf file is being created by Chris Fink for the petition with David Cobb for President and Sally Marquinny VP. PDF file will be available in a few days on website. Susan received last Elector Form yesterday. Cost for Virgina Voter list from the SBE is $64K. Electors approved by Consensus with Charlie standing aside. Reason- BRG has not had a candidate for Elector, and there should be an effort to remedy this next time.

Election of Officers. Eric facilitated. Proposal to elect as slate since there was one nomination per office. Charlie had concerns about Tom overextending himself with coordinating petition drive and co-chair responsibilities. Officer candidates were elected by consensus with Charlie and Jana standing aside.

Candidate Nominations: Susan reported that David Gaines had removed name from consideration for nomination for the US 10th Congressional District.

Charlie stated he wanted a candidate on the ballot that he could vote for. Eric proposed nominating Charlie for 5th CD Representative to run against Virgil Goode, provided he was not opposed by any local in the 5th CD before the filing deadline, CVG and BRG. Kirit expressed concerns that CVG will not meet before deadline. Charlie has collected 50 of the 1000 signatures to date. Jim L., Jana C., Eric S., Tom Y. expressed support for Charlie running. Eric's proposal passed by Consensus with Kirit standing aside.

By-law change.
XI Change passed by Consensus with revisions as follows, with Charlie standing aside:

XI.Meetings and Decision Making

A. Local representation
2. The Local Contacts, or three members of a Local via a signed affirmation, shall provide the names and contact information of all Local Representatives and Alternates to the GPVA Officers. Changes of Representatives and Alternates shall be submitted at least 31 days in advance of a meeting in order for the Local Representatives and Alternates to be recognized at that meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4 PM due to loss of quorum.

Minutes GPVA


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