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State Meeting

Richmond, Virginia
February 8, 2004

Shaun Brown - At Large
Rick Johnson - At Large
Glenda Gail (Crook) Parker - At Large
Susan Dridi - Arlington
Kirit Mookerjee - Arlington - GPVA Treasurer
Alex Cutlip - Central Virginia
Jana Cutlip - Central Virginia
Chris Fink - Fredericksburg
David Gaines - Loudoun
Kenny Rodgers - Loudoun
Gary Hagen - Loudoun
Dennis Harcketts - NOVA
Ronald Holder - NOVA
Paul Hughes - NOVA
James Lowenstern - NOVA
Sally Marquigny - NOVA
Joe Oddo - NOVA
Scott Burger - Richmond - GPVA Press Secretary
Rain Burroughs - Richmond
Napi Ippolito - Richmond
Chris Maxwell - Richmond
Silver Persinger - Richmond
Eric Sheffield - Rockbridge
Greg Allen - Virginia Beach
Jim Polk - Virginia Beach - GPVA Co-Chair
Johnny Robeson - Virginia Beach
Jessica Stanley - Virginia Beach

Meeting started at 10:15. Quorum established.

Daya Bill was thanked for her service, introductions made, positions created:
Facilitator - Jim Polk, Vibeswatcher - Rich Johnson, Time Keeper - Paul Hughes, Note Taker - Scott Burger

Agenda approved, Charlie Jordan's items were removed per his previous request. An item was added for a presentation by Gail Parker for a northern Virginia candidate.

Minutes from 8/24/03 and 11/08/03 were approved. Kirit mentions that Brian Czech is doing a good job on the GPUS Platform Committee.

Treasurer's Report by Kirit Mookerjee. We have $2,650 in our operating account, including checks for $450 and $375 from the GPUS matching funds program. The next newsletter will cost approximately $1000.

Scott Burger volunteers resignation as press secretary. It is not accepted.

Gail Parker makes speech on behalf of Jim Hurysz for Congress, gives handouts. Susan notes that the Arlington Greens had invited him to attend a Local meeting to discuss his candidacy, but Jim declined to come. Gail left after her presentation.

Local Reports:

Kirit Mookerjee presents Arlington report, urges people to call state legislators about upcoming bills regarding the Living Wage.

Paul Hughes give NOVA report, new bylaws approved, membership recruitment.

Scott Burger gives Richmond report, includes Mayor At Large, possible space for Richmond and GPVA office.

Chris Fink gives Fredericksburg report, membership woes.

Eric gives Rockbridge report, Eric' campaign, school board campaign as independent, Green Phil Hyre won election as Soil and Water, held meeting to discuss Congressional candidates, decide to move forward with recycling pilot project.

Jim Polk gives Virginia Beach report, Sharon Bivens recap, Greg ran and won Soil and Water, anti-Ashcroft demo, recruiting Hampton Roads Greens.

Eric presents the Locals Representation Bylaw Change Proposal. Lots of discussion. Proposal is passed with 20 votes in favor and 1 against.

Bylaw change proposal requiring membership of at least 48 hours in order to vote at a GPVA meeting is tabled.

Jim Polk gives reports on Candidate Exploration, PAC, Finance Committee. We need to do a better job of recruiting candidates. PAC has $450 March 6 fundraiser dinner to be announced.

Tom Yager absent, no SRC report.

Chris Fink needs funding and articles for Newsletter. Napi takes pictures.

Susan gives IT report- please advise if you have a forwarding address from and you change your regular email address. Please advise if you have space with the Green Internet Society and are not using it.

Kirit gives GPUS Rep report, Cindy resigned so Ava is now female rep for the GPUS National Committee. Presidential Support Committee formed. Kirit outlines Petition Drive for Presidential Candidates, we need locals to get involved with this, Kirit suggests collecting signatures for David Cobb (NOT a state party endorsement) and then substituting if June Convention comes up with different candidate. Joe adds a bit about electors. Takes questions on petitioning. Lots of discussion. Kirit asks for locals' inputs, We agree that presidential petition should go forward with some stand asides, we agree that one person should be on petitions, straw poll taken on names. Cobb won but lots of names involved.

Chris and Kirit present proposal on Selection of Delegates to the GP-US Nominating Convention. Not necessarily bylaws change but could be in future as way for future selection. 15 delegates allowed from GPVA at the GPUS convention. Lots of questions. Proposal is accepted.

Candidates for Congress. Jim Polk recognizes Joe Oddo. Joe is running. He explains that he is running against Davis. He apologizes for the previous confusion, he did not realize that "the other group", Carey Campbell's, was not recognized by the GPVA. Jim Polk asks the NOVA Greens for some clarification on Joe's endorsement and NOVA membership. Some discussion on locals, state parties, and endorsements. Eric brings up question of procedure, suggests we should have an alternate facilitator.

Jim Polk has some news, Carey Campbell's group has filed an application with the SBE for recognition as the Independent Greens of Virginia. They are not recognized as a GPVA local or by the GPUS. Our "Green" ballot name is not protected since we do not have 10% vote. GPUS involved. State is reviewing. Jana proposes that the state party recommends all the GPVA locals to write letters to the SBE.

Break for lunch

Scott leads a small group to tour Fusion building/radio station.

Reconvene at 2:45 PM

Jim Polk presents a proposal for a bylaw change requiring new locals to have bylaws as a condition of affiliation. He also presents a proposal for all current locals to have bylaws. David makes friendly amendment asking for sample posted on website, Some discussion. Only one local does not currently have bylaws, and they are willing to comply. Proposals passed by consensus.

Susan presents Election of State Associate to GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee. Question of overlap with Press Secretary position. Consensus on election of Chris Fink being in position for a year.

Susan is elected Female Co-Chair for next three months until the regular election.

Jim Polk presents proposed bylaws changes - extend Co-Chair term of office from one year to two, stagger the terms of Male and Female Co-Chairs. Susan reads proposed changes, This does not extend Polk's term. Under proposal, election of Male Co-Chair in June will be for one year. Kirit brings question of other officers' terms. Lots of discussion. Vibes watch on female/male discussion. friendly amendment applied that female cochair is elected in odd years to allow more time for recruiting interested/qualified women. Vote taken: 7 for, 7 against, 5 standing aside, proposal fails, question of procedure raised by Eric about blocking concerns, blocking concerns heard, questions of gender equality, enough discussion, clarity of proposal.

Proposal for getting petition signatures for Congressional Candidates-Recruitment of Workers, after discussion, dismissed.

Jana presents bylaws changes on membership review process, allows locals to start the membership review process. Jim Polk asks for alternate facilitator since he has input, David volunteers as alternate facilitator and asks some technical questions, Jana suggests removing questionable section 3 from proposal, but body arrives at clarification of proposal. Lots of discussion, some questions about need for changes and implementation. Current process and historical perspective discussed, Proposal passes by consensus after much discussion.

Jim becomes main facilitator again. Jana presents Interim Committee bylaw change, David raises question of language of "good standing", Jana accepts striking of "good standing", Discussion. "3 days" time period discussed, Jim's "5 days" accepted as friendly amendment by Jana, Kirit has blocking concern- believes proposal overburdens bylaws and thinks Co-Chairs should be held accountable on their own, Jana asks to split question: one straw poll on adapting "GPVA officer" friendly amendment from Susan, then after determination, vote on entire proposal, Straw poll passes, Susan's amendment fails. More discussion on IC membership standing (should locals that do not participate in previous votes and meetings be allowed to convene IC?), Jana reads completed proposal, Vote 14 for, 2 against, 4 stand aside, proposal passes.

David reads Loudoun Greens report, Democratic candidates endorsed by local, Loudoun donated savings bonds to poster contest, signed on Solutions Not Sprawl letter to governor, he is considering running for Congress.

Joe Oddo reads letter from Kent Mesplay, Green presidential candidate

Co-Chair's Report by Jim Polk. Jim asks for GPVA disaffiliation of Cary Campbell and Independent Green Party, discussion, some question about language of 'affiliation', Jana suggests "revoking membership of", Jim withdraws proposal based on discussion but says he will be taking steps to revoke Carey's membership in GPVA.

Next meeting is May 23 in Charlottesville.

5:25 Closing circle

Reminder- March 6 fundraiser.

Minutes GPVA


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