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State Meeting

Pocahontas State Park, Virginia
August 24, 2003

Susan Dridi - Arlington Courthouse
Greg Allen - Virginia Beach
Jim Lowenstern - NOVA
Silver Persinger - Richmond
Scott Burger - Richmond, GPVA Press Secretary
Jim Polk - Virginia Beach, GPVA Co-Chair
Daya Bill - Central Virginia, GPVA Co-Chair
Ava Wolfberg - NOVA
Cindy Bowles - Blue Ridge
Brian Czech - Arlington Courthouse
Kirit Mookerjee - Arlington Courthouse, GPVA Treasurer
Josey Mooney - Virginia Beach
David Fischer - Richmond

10:15 meeting underway

The following positions are created:
Jim Polk facilitator
Greg Allen timekeeper
Scott Burger minutes
Ava Wolfberg vibes watcher

Agenda changes are made

Daya describes consensus voting with special attention to avoiding

May meeting minutes are approved with a few notes:
attendance not included by accidental omission
concern expressed about resolution wording of Rick Herron appreciation

We realize we forgot proper introductions, so these are done around the

Local reports:
Kirit makes the Arlington report: Lots of stuff about living wage
getting passed, there is an event on Sept 14 sponsored by Amnesty
International about Patriot Act.
Cindy gives Blue Ridge report: using connections to increase
membership, Conflict Resolution/Peace & Justice Center is important to
this effort. Daya gives Central Virginia report: problems with inactivity
and certain members, Charlottesville City Council passes anti-Patriot Act
resolution, now need to work on actual ordinance against Patriot Act. Jim
L. gave the NoVA report: been working on illuminating toll privatization
scheme, now working Alexandria councilperson Joyce Woodson on anti-Patriot
Act resolution, establishing a sister Green local in Belgium, members like
Ava working on fundraising. Scott gave Richmond report: working with local
Sierra Club on greenways plan, working with Living Wage campaign, which is
now adding VCU campaign in addition to the one against city government, we
are still dealing with Mayor At Large issue, we are working with local
Safe & Clear Coalition and ACLU to put forward a City Council anti-Patriot
Act resolution, Radio Free Richmond has not formerly announced it yet, but
it has received a Low Power FM construction permit, there is interest in
the local in endorsing Kucinich for President, there is also interest in
online voting for local decisions Jim Polk gave Virginia Beach report:
there is interest building in anti-Patriot Act actions, local campaigns
are currently dragging but hope to reinvigorate with energy soon, Jim Polk
made the cover of Port Folio magazine and gathered much local attention,
there is planning underway for Green movie festival at the Naro Theater in
Norfolk, possible Green presidential candidates to attend (more discussion
about office saved for proposal discussion). Ava suggested "Third Party"
as possibility for movie festival. Scott mentioned the recent Special
State Convention of Virginia Libertarians.

Daya gave first Co-Chair report. Have agreed to accept advertizing for
Virginia Green newspaper, Central Committee is in dire need of
reorganization, met with Virginia Organizing Project. Goals: seeding new
locals, getting more organized with campus Greens, work with VCU professor
Jeff South on legislative internships.

Jim P. gave his Co-Chair report. PAC has $450. He has fundraising
letter ready for PAC. Working on possible Nader speech/fundraiser,
though nothing committed to near term.
Goals: Submit legislation for General Assembly, spend more time in
Richmond lobbying, will be appearing on black radio station program. Daya
suggested maybe using Virginia Organizing Project's tax proposal as basis
for Green legislation. Susan asked about contacts between radio and
USGP Black Caucus.

Kirit gave the Treasurer report: The Greens of Virginia have raised
more money to date this year than all of last year. Balance before
donations for Retreat and expenses for food was at $1457.70.
Publication of the next newspaper (estimated around $950 for last
issue) is next major expense.
In conjunction with Finance Committee, GPVA needs to decide on our next
fundraising drive from among the options of letter campaign #2,
fundraising dinner (Nader?), joint house party with GPUS. Ava asked about
the biggest individual donation, Kirit answered $400.

Scott gave Press report: Scott admits being negligent in his duties- been
busy with local issues. Gradual process towards getting in line with
national Green press. Expect more in near future, starting with a press
release about the Retreat. Have a cd with local press contacts, need to
utilize and update.

SRC Report: Tom Yaeger absent due to traffic but expected to attend

Susan gave Webmaster report: consolidation of GPVA business list,
computer problems but expect local membership reports to be issued
soon, plea for more contact info, Susan gave out some nifty open source
Linux software on cd-rs. Daya brought up proposal to change official title
to Director of IT from Webmaster and group all consented.

Deadline for submissions will be September 15th.

Finance Committee:
5 to 6 members.
Trying to organize fundraiser; may try to get Nader to speak in September or October.
May try to get Presidential candidates forum.
Open to getting significant environmental speaker.

Candidate Exploration Committee:
Meeting will be scheduled online.
Need to start recruiting for Congressional races in 2004.
Jim Lownestern suggested running a candidate for attorney general in 2005; could get ballot access with 10% of the vote.
Daya, Kirit, and Jim Lowenstern are on the committee

Platform Committee
Will schedule meeting
Brian Czech will be on the committee

2003 Elections:
Need volunteers for Sharon?s and Greg?s campaigns; would do literature drop and work the polls in November.
Sharon running for House of Delegates 81st District
Contact Jim Polk for info.
Will try to get locals to contribute to campaigns; can contribute to PAC.
Need to contact at-Large members.
Proposed 50/50 split between Greg and Sharon; favored by 8 to 1.

Presidential nominating convention:
Can?t afford primary.
Done by mail and e-mail in 2000.
Want to prevent ?instant Greens? like Hagelin campaign in 2000.
Daya: Convention as fundraiser after e-mail and mail balloting.
Kirit: May have state meeting at same time.
Susan: Issues with timeline.
Jim Lowenstern: Probably can?t substitute; need to talk to Board of Elections.
Tom: Need to have early convention; required to have 75 days before Presidential election.
Jim Polk: Need convention; will get publicity.
Daya: Can we petition for someone we haven?t endorsement.
Dave: Need to find out laws and deadlines.
Susan: We?ll probably send 19 delegates; might not vote for same person.
Jim Polk: Check bylaws; are delegates bound by our decisions?
Jim Lowenstern: Probably not in bylaws.
Dave: Richmond is first choice; can probably get space to accommodate 300 to 400 people. Will get bcck to GPVA in one month.
Jim Polk: Can get space in a hotel if we buy food. Need to reserve ASAP because the State Legislature will be in session.
CEC is responsible for planning; convention will be in January or February.

Jim Lowenstern: We could try to sell T-shirts out of the office.
Need to have merchandise ready by date of convention.
Tri-fold brochures; send electronically to other locals.
Josie will coordinate merchandising.

Disaffiliation from GPUSA:
Jim Lowenstern: GPUSA puts out a good magazine; has good activist network.
Susan: GPUSA discredited.
Disaffiliation approved by vote of 6 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstaining.

Environmental committee: Table until next meeting.

Diversity committee: Do we have enough people?

Next meeting: Roanoke proposed by Cindy Bowles; November 15th.

Minutes GPVA


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