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State Meeting

Richmond, Virginia
May 31, 2003

  1. Review/revision of agenda.
  2. Local reports
    1. Virginia Beach - 37 dues paying members. Have rented office space for Greens and for campaign headquarters. Running Sharon Bivens for HOD, Greg Allen for Dare County Soil and Water, Scott Burger for HOD.
    2. Rockbridge - not present
    3. Richmond - tracking corporate welfare - i.e. "renovation" projects in downtown Richmond. James River Cleanup Day. Considering endorsing a Fee Palestine Now group operating at VCU. Continue working for IRV. Support the initiative to have a Mayor-at-Large in Richmond. Scott Burger running for 71st District HOD.
    4. NOVA - not present
    5. NRV - not present
    6. Louduon - not present
    7. Fredericksburg - no news to report
    8. Central Virginia - participated in Charlottesville area Earth Day celebration. Continue tabling downtown on the Market.
    9. Blue Ridge - Worked with community Earth Day celebration. Have been a consistent presence during anti-war rally’s and tabling, along with local peace and justice center (Plowshare) and a new pre-peace group in the community (Alternatives to War). Approached City Council to sponsor a Cities for Peace resolution.
    10. Arlington Courthouse - working on the Living Wage initiative as well as peace issues. Have approached municipal government to pass Cities for Peace initiative.
  3. Co-Chairs Report (Mason)
    We have gotten a good amount of new members through GPUS and GPVA websites. Membership in the Green Party is increasing faster than any other national party.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    We have $865. 69. The cost of the paper has been our major expense, approximately $370 to print it and about $300 to mail it. We printed fewer papers this time and mailed them more judiciously.
  5. Finance Committee Report
    Sent out first fundraising letter - got donations from members and nonmembers. There will be follow-up letters. Asking for donations for newspaper and to cover the costs of the fundraising letters (at this point the expenses of the letters and the donations received from same are about equal). Finance Committee is meeting biweekly through teleconference, starting in June. Call is toll-free. We need more aggressive fundraising techniques - such as a pop-up soliciting donations on the GPVA website. GPUS has requested that we share out donor list with them and they will do our mailings for us at a 50/50 split of receipts. GPUS is also offering to assist with other fundraising events such as a concert (also at a 50/50 split of receipts). Jack Urich is the GPUS contact person. Virginia Beach Greens are planning a fundraising dinner for candidates if GPUS - sponsored event doesn’t happen. They are hoping this type of event will serve as a model for other locals.
    *MOTION submitted by Jim Polk for GPVA to share donor list with GPUS for mailing of fund-raising letters. Jim noted the urgency of doing this if candidates for November elections are to benefit.
    ~ Motion passed by consensus.
    *MOTION submitted by Jim Polk to accept advertising in the GPVA newspaper, subject to approval by newspaper committee. (Advertising fees would be reported as income, not donations.)
    ~ Concern voiced that this should be a written proposal.
    ^FRIENDLY AMENDMENT - accept the motion as a concept, asking for details in writing. Jim was not willing to accept this friendly amendment. He was willing to set the motion aside for later in the day. MOTION SET ASIDE.
  6. Press Secretary’s Report
    The press secretary noted that his role is to supplement GPUS’ contact list for GPUS press releases- to act as a conduit for news. It is not the Press Secretaries role to report news. Locals need to send the Press Secretary news about local events or write articles.
  7. Web Committee Report
    We have registered at and as well as Data base clean-up is completed. There was only an 8% response rate. 57% of our mailing list had invalid email addresses. There are 15 mailing lists - 11 GPVA and 4 local lists. The announce list has only 17 % of the current membership. We need to get members on lists
  8. GPUS Report
    Accreditation of Green Party of Indiana and Louisiana. Passed a travel policy for (possible) reimbursement of expenses. July 18-20 National Committee Meeting in Washington, DC. Only delegates can speak but the meeting is open to all. Green Pages editorial board has been reorganized. Platform policy change on caucus submissions failed. Recent Green Party victories in Wisconsin and New York.
  9. Steering Committee - no report
  10. Candidate Exploration Committee
    Several candidates have announced or expressed interest but none have come to fruition.
  11. Structural Reform Committee
    Plan to meet at least once before the next meeting. Will submit proposals.
  12. Political Committee
    Wants a report from the Platform Committee regarding revision of the contribution limit for candidates, from the current $100 limit to $1,000. Jim Polk suggested that due to the immediacy of the upcoming elections these are extreme circumstances and requested immediate action on this. Current balance of PAC monies is $200.
  13. Platform Committee
    Approved language suggested by Political Committee to allow revision. Question posed - does GPUS platform address campaign limits? (Members present did not think so but no one was sure).
    *MOTION - to raise campaign contribution limit from $100 to $1,000.
    ~ No blocking concerns, motion passed by consensus.
    *MOTION - to change the platform so that Green candidates can accept PAC money from the Green Party
    ~ set aside until after lunch
  14. Retreat
    Requesting members preregister and pay for August retreat at Pocahontas State Park.


  15. Resumed discussion of motion about Green candidates accepting PAC money. New statement should replace wording in current state platform.
    *MOTION - the following wording will replace wording in current state platform regarding PAC money - "In regards to PAC money, Green candidates may only accept PAC donations from the GPVA PAC or other affiliated Green Party PACS."
    ~Motion passed by consensus.
  16. Nominations and Endorsements
    1. Scott Burger - 71st District, House of Delegates. Endorsed by Richmond local. Issues - Corporate welfare in City of Richmond downtown development/rehab projects. Supports Instant Runoff Voting. Does not yet have required signatures to run (deadline June 13th). Members present wanted a commitment from Scott that he is a serious candidate and will put forth his best effort to run a real campaign.
      *MOTION - GPVA nominates and endorses Scott Burger for the HOD.
      ~ No blocking concerns, motion passed by consensus.
    2. Greg Allen - VA/Dare Soil and Water Commission. This is a nonpartisan election. Endorsed by the Virginia Beach local. Letter from candidate submitted. Greg has twenty years experience in environmental issues.
      *MOTION - To endorse Greg Allen for VA/Dare Soil and Water Commission
      ~Passed by consensus
    3. Sharon Bivens - 81st District House of Delegates candidate. Nominated by Richmond local. Hs the required signatures to run. Letters from the local nominating her and from the candidate submitted. Issues - Chesapeake Bay environmental issues (building code waivers on waterfront property, etc.) More money for education, more classrooms. Supports abortion rights. Media consolidation.
      *MOTION - to nominate Sharon Bivens for 81st District House of Delegates
      ~ Passed by consensus
  17. Resolution to honor Ed Davis and Rick Herron
    *MOTION - To approve the resolution
    ~Passed by consensus
    Resolution requiring the issuance of a press release "immediately" following quarterly meetings.
    *MOTION - to approve resolution stated above. There were blocking concerns. A vote was taken.
    ~ Vote results: 9 opposed, 2 support, 2 abstentions. Motion did not pass.
    Resolution - a call for Presidential candidates.
    *MOTION - to pass a motion calling for presidential candidates
    ~BLOCKING CONCERN - this is not on the current agenda.
    *MOTION - to refer to IT committee
    ~Passed by consensus
  18. SRC Discussion
    Concens submitted by Charles Murn (in writing). Tabled until next quarterly meeting as Charles is not present and members present from the SRC are not prepared to adequately represent this issue.
  19. Election of Officers
    Nominations for Co-Chairs: (Male) Jim Polk - nominated Tom Yager - nominated (Female) Daya Bill - nominated Results of vote Jim Polk - 10 Tom Yager - 3 Daya Bill - 12 No one nominated - 1 Nominations for Treasurer Kirit Mookijee - nominated Results of vote Kirit - 12 No one nominated - 1 Nominations for Press Secretary Scott Burger - nominated James Polk - nominated Results of vote Scott Burger - 8 James Polk - 4 No one nominated - 1
  20. Return to Motion set aside regarding advertising in newspaper. Discussion regarding whether advertiser/ad values should be in line with Ten Key Values.
    *MOTION - That the newspaper committee will be allowed to accept advertising and will submit written guidelines to the Interim Committee, who will authorize the guidelines within two weeks of receipt. Funds generated from sales of ads will go to the GPVA operating fund.
    ~No blocking concerns, motion passed by consensus.
  21. Next Meeting
    Pocahontas Stare Park, annual retreat. August 22 and 23rd.
  22. Close of Business
    Deadline for next submissions to newspaper - August 31st
    Local reports are requested in writing
    Location for Fall, 2003 meeting - Blue Ridge (Roanoke ) proposed
Minutes submitted by Cindy Bowles, amended 9-3-03

List of attendees:
David Fischer
Chris Fink
Jack Ross
Silver Persinger
Scott Burger
Mason Payne
Johnny Robeson
Jessica Stanley
Daya Bill
Cynthia Bowles
Kirit Mookejee
Tom Yager
James Polk

Minutes GPVA


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