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State Meeting

Pocahontas State Park
Richmond, Virginia
August 26, 2001


Arlington Courthouse Greens: Kirit Mookerjee, Tom Yager
Blue Ridge Greens: Cindy Bowles
Central Virginia Greens: Roger Clarke, Jana Cutlip
Loudoun Greens: David Gaines, Chris Simmons
New River Valley Greens: Steve Gillespie
NOVA Greens: Ron Garcia-Fogarty, Jim Lowenstern
RAIL NOW! Greens: Carey Campbell, Judith H'Ormaycht
Richmond Greens: Don Durham, Mason Payne, Dana Woods
Tidewater Greens: Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

Affiliated Locals as of August 26, 2001:

Arlington Courthouse Greens, Blue Ridge Greens, Central Virginia Greens, Loudoun Greens, Mary Washington Greens, New River Valley Greens, NOVA Greens, Rappahannock Source Greens, Richmond Greens, Rockbridge Greens.

I. Call to Order

Facilitated by state Co-Clerks Jana Cutlip and Tom Yager. Selected vibes watcher (Don Durham of the Richmond Greens), timekeeper (Kirit Mookerjee of the Arlington Courthouse Greens) and note taker (Cindi Bowles of the Blue Ridge Greens).

II. Local Reports

Locals represented (Richmond, NOVA, the Alexandria sub-local of NOVA, Tidewater, Central VA, Arlington Courthouse, Rail Now!, New River Valley, Blue Ridge, and Loudoun) presented current activities, etc. which addressed the issues of fair wage, healthcare and pollution.

Guest visiting with experience with the Green party in Finland spoke informally.

III. Co-Clerks Report

(Introduction of new Co-Clerks, Tom Yager and Jana Cutlip, elected at May 5th meeting).

    A. Official affiliation agreement between GPVA and GPUS read (continues our affiliation with this national organization)
    B. Reviewed correspondence from State Board of Elections re: identification of independent candidates as members of third party groups.
    C. Valley Greens letter of disaffiliation from GPV was read (action taken by consensus in Valley Greens May meeting and finalized in Valley Greens June meeting)
    D. Reviewed work in progress on GPVA website
    E. Request for information from locals regarding positions, specifically interim committee members and treasurers. Call for minutes of meetings of locals and signatures of any voting to be forwarded to state co-clerks.
    F. Move to forcefully request former officers to turn over all legal and historical documents that are the property of the GPVA. Roger Clarke stated that he has drafted letter to former co-clerks addressing this issue and requested that it be reviewed.
Proposal: Co-clerks of the GPVA are empowered to seek all legal and historical documents related to GPVA from all former officers of same.

Friendly Amendment: GPVA formally requests of all former officers that they retrieve and supply all GOV/GPVA materials to the co-clerks of the GPVA, a deadline shall be set, left to the discretion of the co-clerks.

Friendly Amendment #2-Add deadline to Amendment #1.

Proposal including Friendly Amendment #1 was passed by consensus.

IV. Press Report

from Roger Clarke of the Central VA Greens

There is now a database of media outlets across the state. Request to all members to mail all press items (articles, photos, etc.) to Press Secretary in order to continue building archive.

V. Web Committee Report

  • Current issues, press releases, state meeting info, etc.
  • Tom Farrell re: forwarding account information.
  • New listserv for web committee members.
  • Newsletter will be on website in the future.
  • Discussion of need to update membership database and names of contact persons for Mary Washington and Rappahanack Greens.
  • Goals of the committee: work on a privacy policy, discussion area, information on how to start a local chapter.
  • Point of information from Jana Cutlip - need sunflower symbol on website.
  • As members sign up they automatically get a letter of welcome emailed to them and their data is transferred to the local contact person.
VI. Campus Greens Report

Tom Yager presented Steve Shafarman's report on the Campus Greens recent national organizational meeting in Chicago. Discussed formalization of the movement, including drafting of by-laws, an action plan and a mission statement, all accomplished by a formal consensus process.

VII. Electoral Reform Update

Tom Yager attended the June 14th meeting of the Virginia State Legislatures Joint Subcommittee for voting technology. Discussed voting process and technologies currently in use in Virginia.

VIII. Maryland Greens Symposium

Report from Tom Yager who attended on May 12th. Representatives from New York, Pennsylvania, and California also attended. Issues of note - ballot access, living wage and universal health care.

IX. ASGP Report

Jim Lowenstern of the NOVA Greens and Kathy Orion were in attendance at the Santa Barbara, California meeting. Discussion of several issues:

  • The ASGPs move to proportional representation.
  • The work underway on state ballot rights.
  • The ASGP filing with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) to change its name to Green Party United States (GPUS).
  • The proposition to hold next years meeting in the mid-Atlantic region.
X. GPUSA Report

Jana Cutlip and Jim Lowenstern attended the meeting in Carbondale, Illinois. Discussion included:

  • Statement drafted opposing food irradiation.
  • A Green Party festival.
  • Uncertainty as to which national body of the Green party the FEC will recognize.
(Break for lunch, at which point the meeting was running an hour behind schedule. Proposal to delay treasurers report and SRC report until later in the afternoon due to the fact that pertinent parties had not yet arrived was passed. )

XI. Newsletter

The Loudoun Greens, represented by David Gaines and Chris Simmons, had volunteered to publish the next newsletter and provided a draft copy of same. Discussion of numerous issues: Loudoun Greens proposal to change the format from a newspaper to a newsletter. Web-enabled (all electronic) format vs. paper formats. Proposal to let Loudoun county make the decisions regarding the newsletter. This proposal was not passed due to concerns centered around the appropriateness of certain articles in the draft provided by Loudoun and the change in format, which would require a 75%vote. Proposal which stated that the established format would continue and other decisions regarding the newsletter would be deferred to the interim committee. This proposal was passed.

XII. Logo Proposal

Proposal to carry this through to the next meeting in the interest of time was passed.

XIII. SRC Report

Roger Clarke gave update on structural reforms. The SRC has met three times this quarter and proposed minor changes to the bylaws. The following changes were approved by consensus:

Article IV.E. of the bylaws was changed to:

    E. As a requirement for affiliation, each local shall designate the following officers: a Treasurer, responsible for all financial transactions; and a Representative to the Interim Committee. Such designees may, but need not necessarily be the same person.
Previous text of Article IV.E. was:
    E. Each local should designate a treasurer, responsible for all financial transactions with the GPVA.
Article VII.C. of the bylaws was changed to:
    C. Major decisions include, but are not limited to organizational structure, platform ratification, candidate nomination or endorsement at the state level, formally joining coalitions, or financial matters of the GPVA. Major decisions may be reviewed by Green Locals and will stand unless opposed by 25% or more of Green Locals before the next meeting of the GPVA which occurs 31 or more days after receipt of the minutes concerning the decision.
The previous text of Article VII.C. was:
    C. Major decisions include, but are not limited to organizational structure, platform ratification, candidate nomination or endorsement at the state level, formally joining coalitions, or financial matters of the GPVA. Major decisions may be reviewed by Green Locals and will stand unless opposed by two or more Green Locals before the next meeting of the GPVA which occurs 31 or more days after receipt of the minutes concerning the decision.
XIV. Treasurer's Report

Submitted by Thom Farrell.

The GPVA has a total of $1,564.77 in its account. A proposal was passed to reimburse the treasurer for the cost of a ledger used for accounting.

Activities & Issues

An operating account for the unincorporated association was established at Shenandoah Valley National Bank. The bank provides reasonable terms and seems friendly to political organizations. The contact information for the bank is as follows:

Shenandoah Valley National Bank
25 W Jubal Early Dr.
Winchester, VA. 22601
(540) 678-0300

A transitional audit was conducted and a small surplus was found. The surplus appears to have originated due to an over abundance of “petty cash”.

An extensive research effort was conducted regarding organizational requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia (including the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act or CFDA), the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Election Commission which relate to the Green Party of Virginia.

The operating account currently contains funds budgeted for locals. Conversations with David Cobb of the ASGP and additional research have lead to the conclusion that this practice cannot and should not continue.

A replacement ledger was required and purchased though reimbursement is pending.

The state political committee, popularly known as the “Green Party of Virginia PAC”, was dissolved on June 28th of 2001. It was inactive and held no funds during its period of operation.

The Richmond Greens donated 10% of the proceeds of a past fundraiser to the Green Party of Virginia.

Numerous questions were fielded regarding the acceptable use of funds from the Green Party of Virginia operating account.

The Valley Greens have requested that the GPVA purchase the “Green Party of Virginia” banner. The Valley Greens paid $130 for the banner but are willing to accept a lesser amount.

What You Can Do

Make a donation to the Green Party of Virginia’s operating fund. If you donate just one dollar, you will receive a “Vote Green” bumper sticker. If you contribute fifteen dollars, you will receive a “Green Party” tee-shirt. While your acceptance of the gifts is not required a full legal name must be provided.

Attend a Commonwealth of Virginia “Campaign Finance Disclosure Act” training seminar in 2002. These free seminars provide a wealth of information and the opportunity to ask questions directly to knowledgeable staff at the State Board of Elections. These sessions occur at the beginning of each election cycle.

Volunteer to serve as Treasurer for your local or one of our fine Green candidates running for office in 2001.

Learn the ropes of being Treasurer of the Green Party of Virginia. Cross training is a vital component of any successful organization. Interested parties should send an email to and express interest in lending a hand. A new Treasurer will be required on May 3rd of 2002 and there has yet to be a single volunteer to step forward.

Register a local political committee with the Commonwealth of Virginia. The requirements are specified in the commonwealth’s Campaign Finance In Virginia guidebook which is online ( or may be requested from the Virginia State Board of Elections (800)552-9745. The complete title is Campaign Finance in Virginia: Summary of Virginia’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Act for Non-Federal Candidates and Political Committees. The former approach is highly recommended.

Register a local political committee with F.E.C or expand an existing CFDA recognized local political committee to permit activity in elections for federal offices. The F.E.C. requirements are documented on their website ( or by calling (800)424-9530 (press one) and requesting the Campaign Guide for Political Party Committees.

Review the Internal Revenue Service tax requirements for all political organizations online. (

Disclaimer: This information is not legal advice. Consultation with a lawyer is the only recommended method for assuring any information is appropriate for your legal situation."

XV. Candidate Proposal

1. The GPVA has been asked by the Libertarian Party to endorse their candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. The following proposal was made and passed: The GPVA will send a letter to each candidate individually thanking them for contacting us, affirming the presence of alternative party candidates but declining to endorse.

2. Jim Lowenstern asked for nomination by the GPVA for his candidacy for the 46th District House of Delegates. Objections were raised to Jims position on the death penalty and parental notification before abortions. Jana Cutlip read the State Elections Commissions regulations about nominations. A proposal to nominate did not meet consensus and a vote was called. 11 were in favor, 3 opposed, and 2 abstained (12 votes out of 16 voting were needed to pass). A proposal to endorse versus nominate was made with no consensus reached. A proposal for Jim to amend his platform regarding the death penalty to be in agreement with the Ten Key Values and his stand on the issue of parental notification was made. At this point the candidate withdrew his request of both endorsement and nomination.

After further discussion, Jim agreed to vote against parental notification and the death penalty in all cases if he were elected to the House of Delegates. A proposal was made to take a revote on the issue of nomination. A second vote resulted in a vote of 15 in favor, 1 abstaining. Proposal was passed and Jim Lowenstern was nominated as a candidate of the GPVA for House of Delegates, 46th district. He was the only candidate nominated by the GPVA in 2001.

XVI. ASGP/GPUS Representation

Female representative Kathy Orion, male Jim Lowenstern. We need a male representative and a female alternate rep. Dana Woods was nominated for female rep but declined the nomination. Jana Cutlip was nominated for alternate female rep and accepted. Nominations for male rep were made - Mason Payne, Richmond Greens accepted the nomination as did Don Durham, Richmond Greens. Mason and Don will serve as co-reps. Proposal passed by consensus.

GPUSA representation - Current reps, Jim Lowenstern and Jana Cutlip both stepped down from their posts. Proposal was made that these delegate seats not be filled. Proposal passed by consensus.

XVII. Adjournment of Meeting.

Minutes GPVA


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