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State Meeting

Rust Library
Leesburg, Virginia
May 5, 2001


Susan Dridi (Arlington Courthouse Greens), Jeremy Good (Arlington Courthouse Greens), Kirit Mookerjee (Arlington Courthouse Greens), Tom Yager (Arlington Courthouse Greens), Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge Greens), Roger Clarke (Central Virginia Greens), Alex Cutlip (Central Virginia Greens), Jana Cutlip (Central Virginia Greens), David Gaines (Loudoun Greens), Ann Robinson (Loudoun Greens), Chris Simmons (Loudoun Greens), Tory Godwin (New River Valley Greens), Chris Gwin (New River Valley Greens), Mischelle Messenger (Main Street Greens), Bill Schaefer (Main Street Greens), Lee Schaefer (Main Street Greens), Tory Godwin (New River Valley Greens), Chris Gwin (New River Valley Greens), Rick Herron (NOVA Greens), Jim Lowenstern (NOVA Greens), Jack Waugh, (NOVA Greens), Eric Sheffield, (Rockbridge Greens), Carey Campbell (RAIL NOW! Greens), Bill Fry (RAIL NOW! Greens), Alan Levy (RAIL NOW! Greens), Pamela Webster (RAIL NOW! Greens), Mason Payne (Richmond Greens), Dana Woods (Richmond Greens), Bruce Bushing (Valley Greens), Wendy Ebersburger (Valley Greens), Sue Wood, John Stith, Steve Grande, Roger Hopper, Joseph Thornhill Ed Davis, D.C. Amarasinghe, David Lee, Kathy Orion, Jean Marie Bechtle, Dimitry Kolazas, Harry Nielsen, Angelica Nielsen, Debbie Willhite.

Affiliated locals as of May 5, 2001:

Arlington Courthouse Greens, Blue Ridge Greens, Central Virginia Greens, Loudoun Greens, Mary Washington Greens, New River Valley Greens, NOVA Greens, Rappahannock Source Greens, Richmond Greens, Rockbridge Greens, Valley Greens.

I. Call to Order

Tom Yager of the Arlington Courthouse Greens accepted as facilitator. Kirit Mookerjee volunteers to co-facilitate if necessary. Carey Campbell of the RAIL NOW! Greens accepted as timekeeper, Mason Payne of the Richmond Greens accepted as the vibes watcher, and Kathy Orion accepted as the scribe.

II. Bill Redpath, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Virginia, asked for the GPVAs nomination. He spoke about electoral reform, the death penalty, and environmental issues.

III. Discussion of the Agenda

A proposal was made for the group to go "round robin" for comments upon various issues, rather than do a "stack". This suggestion was accepted by the group.

A proposal was made to reject the prepared agenda and craft an agenda that gives at least half the meeting to discussion of our common values and what they mean to us each. This proposal was rejected by majority vote.

A "friendly amendment" to the agenda as it stood was proposed: when we get to the agenda item concerning candidates, we will take some time to re-evaluate this particular item. This amendment was accepted.

Charlie Jordan of the Blue Ridge Greens proposed to add in time to formally accept the recently submitted resignations of GPVA officers Eric Sheffield of the Rockbridge Greens, Sherry Stanley of the Valley Greens, and Sharon Williams. This proposal was also accepted.

Charlie Jordan proposed to amend Jeremy Good's agenda item, "resignation speech", to "resignation letter". This proposal was also accepted.

Charlie Jordan proposed to change the order in which new officers would be voted on, to:

    Female Co-clerk
    Male Co-clerk
    Press Secretary
This proposal was also accepted.

IV. Charlie Jordan reported on the work of the GPVA Redistricing Committee.

Report can be found at the following link:

V. Web Committee Report
by Susan Dridi of the Arlington Courthouse Greens. Discussed numerous issues:

  • Project methodologies.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Notifications to locals of new members.
  • Coordination with newsletter editor, press secretary, and local contacts.
  • Updating information on the website.
VI. Local Reports:

Locals represented (Richmond, Tidewater, Rockbridge, Central VA, Arlington Courthouse, NOVA, Rail Now!, New River Valley, Blue Ridge, Main Street, Loudoun, and Valley) presented current activities, etc. which included candidates, election reforms, standards of learning, death penalty, environment, living wage, and teaching non-violence.

VII. Newsletter:

It was generally recognized that Steven Kruh has de facto resigned from his position as editor of the newsletter.

David Gaines and Chris Simmons of the Loudoun Greens, offered their services, to do the "nuts and bolts" of the paper. This was accepted by the group, with Charlie Jordan standing aside. David further clarified his local's function in this matter: they will be responsible for design and distribution, *not* content. It is up to GPVA members to submit articles.

It was decided to try to get out two issues by the end of summer, as we are behind, and as this is a major source of fund-raising.


VIII. Affiliation of Locals:

Discussion of RAIL NOW! Greens affiliation.

RAIL NOW! Greens asked for a straw poll to see if the bylaws mandated minimum support of 75% existed. The vote was 14 for affiliation, 10 against. The RAIL NOW! Greens withdrew their affiliation request.

Discussion of local affiliation process.

IX. The resignation of Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley, and Sharon Williams was accepted.

X. Election of Treasurer.

Previous amendment to change order of electing officers was overturned to maintain GPVA requirements for quorum.

Larry Yates was nominated for Treasurer but was not present.

Thom Farrell was nominated for Treasurer. He accepted the nomination and was elected, with 26 yea's, 3 'none of the above', and one vote for Alex Cutlip.

XI. Jeremy Good submits his resignation from the position of male Co-Clerk. It is accepted.

XII. Election of Female Co-clerk.

Thom Farrell proposed grouped Instant Run-Off Voting for the co-clerks, wherein the nominated stand off in seperate spots, and members vote with their feet, by moving to the location of their candidate of choice. After a result has been determined the group comes together to congratulate the new officer. Proposal was accepted by consensus.

Kathy Orion and Jana Cutlip were nominated, and accepted their nominations.

Jana Cutlip of the Central VA Greens was elected female Co-Clerk. There was also one vote for Margaret Rood.

XIII. Election of Male Co-clerk.

Tom Yager, Mason Payne, and Jeremy Good were nominated for male co-clerk. Tom Yager and Mason Payne accepted their nominations, and Jeremy Good did not accept his nomination. Tom Yager stepped aside as facilitator during the male-co clerk election and was replaced by Kirit Mookerjee.

By the same 'vote with your feet' method, Tom Yager was elected male Co-Clerk. There was also one vote for Eli Fishpaw.

XIV. Gary Reams, the Libertarian Party candidate hopeful for Lt. Governor of Virginia, asked for the GPVAs nomination. He spoke on abolishing the War on Drugs and a lawsuit, together with the ACLU, in which relief is sought, for a party member to list his affiliation on the ballot.

XV. Election of Press Secretary:

Roger Clarke and Mason Payne were nominated for Press Secretary and accepted their nominations. Roger is elected to this position by the same method used for the election of the co-clerks.

XVI. Election of a Male ASGP Delegate and Female and Male GPUSA Delegates:

This matter was tabled was tabled until the August meeting.

Jim Lowenstern of the NOVA Greens, the current male delegate, did offer, and was accepted by consensus, to continue on as male delegate until that meeting.

Jana Cutlip, our current delegate to the GPUSA, announces that she will be attending the GPUSA convention in Carbondale, IL. She will be stepping aside at our next meeting, in order for another to take over her position.

XVII. Election of a Female ASGP Delegate

Kathy Orion and Dana Woods are nominated as the female representative to the ASGP. Dana Woods declined the nomination and Kathy Orion accepted. Kathy Orion was elected.

XVIII. Sylvia Clute asked for nomination by the GPVA for her candidacy for Attorney General of Virginia. Ms. Clute sought support in the Democratic primary on June 12th. The GPVA decided by consensus to send a letter to Ms. Clute thanking her for seeking the nomination but declining to endorse.

XIX. Dr. D.C. Amarasinghe asked for nomination by the GPVA for his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 4th District. Dr. Amarasingheor received the GPVAs nomination.

XX. Rick Herron discussed his proposal for a committee that would devote itself exclusively to supporting candidates with factual information needed during their campaigns.

XXI. Structural Reform Committee:

Roger Clarke gave a brief report on the progress of this committee, which has met twice. Work is still in process. Several minor changes to the by-laws were proposed and approved:

Article III.A. of the bylaws was changed to:

    A. Promote throughout Virginia the Ten Key Values of the Greens; publicize purpose and issue position statements.
Previous text of Article III.A. was:
    A. Promote throughout Virginia the Ten Key Values of the Greens.
Article III.F. of the bylaws was changed to:
    F. Work to end the two-party duopoly in Virginia and the nation, seek to establish legal party status in Virginia, and to establish a multi-party system based on citizen participation.
Previous text of Article III.F. was:
    F. Work to end the two-party duopoly in Virginia and the nation, and to establish a multi-party system based on citizen participation.
Article III.G. of the bylaws was added:
    G. Practice respect and kindness (see Article V. B. and Article VI. C)
XXII. It was agreed to table the decision about the GPVA nomination of Bill Redpath and Gary Reams until the next business meeting.

XXIII. Adjournment of the meeting.

Minutes GPVA


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