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State Meeting

Blacksburg, Virginia
November 11, 2000

List of Participants:

GPVA Members: Charlie Jordan (Blue Ridge Greens), Jana Cutlip (Central Virginia Greens), Alex Cutlip (Central Virginia Greens), Joseph Auth (New River Valley Greens), Niklan Jones-Lezama (New River Valley Greens), Don Mackler (New River Valley Greens), Jim Lowenstern (NOVA Greens), Sharon Williams (NOVA Greens), Steven Kruh (Northern Blue Ridge Greens), Carey Campbell (RAIL NOW! Greens), Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Ulla Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Kelly Brannam (Valley Greens), Sherry Stanley (Valley Greens), Jeremy Good, Tory Godwin, Nicole Menzenback, Kathy Orion, Don Morrison, Lee Schaefer, Margaret Rood, Muriel Grim, Cindy Lewis, Tex Wood, Cindy Lewis, Angelianna Boubouheropoubs

Others: Sam Giacco, David Gaines, Michelle Messenger, Bill Schaefer, Tom Roberts, Sue Daniels, Chris D’Orgeix, Steve Cochran

I. Richard McCollim selected as facilitator, Carey Campbell as timekeeper, Kathy Orion as vibeswatcher, Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky and Kathy Orion as notetakers.

II. Approval of Minutes from Past Meetings Was Tabled.

III. Co-clerks Report Given by Sharon Williams.

IV. Press Secretary’s Report Given by Sherry Stanley:

Sent Nader campaign press releases nearly every other day during the final five weeks of the Nader campaign.
Discussed the need for press contacts within the Locals.
Discussed the need for fax capabilities throughout the state for future campaigns.

V. Treasurer’s report:

Eric Sheffield obtained a tax ID number for the GPVA.
Current balance in treasury is $1,253.37
Future item: Tax status of the Locals.

VI. Nader Campaign Report:

Meeting in Harrisonburg established framework for the campaign.
Strong support on college campuses.
Loudoun Greens (unaffiliated local): Worked on the Nader campaign and put together a symposium on growth issues.
Northern Blue Ridge Greens (unaffiliated): Set up office in Sperryville.
Bowling Green: A nascent group is developing as a result of the Nader campaign.
Floyd: Nader won about 4.5% of the vote.
Lynchburg: One individual was looking for more Greens in his area.

VII. Locals' Reports:

NOVA Greens: The Nader campaign was the primary focus. Discussed efforts to save soccer field heavily used by the immigrant community and reduce light pollution.

Valley Greens: Sole focus was the Nader campaign. Bought banner with local funds for the GPVA. Membership has doubled because of the campaign.

Blue Ridge Greens: Have had three recent meetings to discuss Nader campaign.

Central Virginia Greens: Fundraisers generated enough cash to pay for more than a dozen ads throughout the Nader campaign. Charlottesville voted 9% for Nader. The local living wage group succeeded in getting a minimum hourly wage of $8.64 for UVA employees.

New River Valley Greens: Have been on the radio, holding interviews, and in campus debates. Went to North Carolina for the debate protests and held a benefit concert for the campaign.

VIII. Affiliation of New Locals:

The Loudoun Greens withdrew their request for affiliation.

The Northern Blue Ridge Greens discussed their work on water quality, support for public education, historical preservation and ensuring that funds headed for tax cuts be devoted to rebuilding roads.

Concerns were raised over the track record of the group, confusion of name with the Blue Ridge Greens, and the type of personality needed to run for office and its compatibility with the Ten Key Values.

The Northern Blue Ridge Greens requested affiliation with the GPVA. Their affiliation was accepted by consensus, with Alex Cutlip, Jana Cutlip, Muriel Grimm, Charlie Jordan, and Kathy Orion standing aside. The Northern Blue Ridge Greens agreed to change their name in order to avoid confusion with the Blue Ridge Greens.

Note: The name ultimately chosen was the Rappahannock Source Greens.

The Richmond Greens discussed their involvement in activist groups such as Food Not Bombs. The Richmond Greens requested affiliation with the GPVA.

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky and Charlie Jordan expressed concerns, including that the Richmond Greens were too new to be affiliated and that their request was not on the agenda. They regarded these concerns as being sufficient to block consensus. Mark and Charlie ultimately stood aside and the affiliation of the Richmond Greens was accepted by consensus.

IX. Election of Female Co-Clerk:

Sharon Williams and Jana Cutlip ran for female co-clerk. Sharon Williams was elected.

X. Election of Male Co-Clerk:

Joseph Auth, Jeremy Good, and Stephen Kruh ran for male co-clerk. Jeremy Good was elected.

XI. Election of Editor for GPVA Newspaper:

Stephen Kruh was elected editor of the GPVA newspaper by consensus. Charlie Jordan and Jana Cutlip stood aside.

XII. Election of Treasurer:

Deferred until the next state meeting.

XIII. ASGP Fundraising Letter Proposal:

This proposal was withdrawn on the grounds that it was not a good time to ask for money; we were shooting ourselves in the wallet by not tagging our own fundraising to it.

XIV. New Committees:

Electoral Action Discussion: Jeremy Good agreed to act as contact.

Fundraising: Steven Kruh agreed to act as contact.

Structural Reform Committee: Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky agreed to act as contact.

XV. Solicitation of Help for Website:

This item was tabled.

XVI. Clarification of Functions of Listservs:

This item was tabled.

Minutes GPVA


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