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State Meeting

Waynesboro Public Library
Waynesboro, Virginia
April 15, 2000

Jana Cutlip - CVA
Greens Bruce Busching - Valley Greens
Carey Campbell
Mickell (Kelly) Branham - Valley Greens
Jim Lowenstern - NOVA Greens
Aaron Feldman - CVA Greens
Sherry Stanley - Valley Greens
Eric Sheffield - Rockbridge Greens

1. Facilitation/Finalization of agenda items
Eric Sheffield agreed to facilitate the meeting as co-clerks were unable to get a facilitator for the meeting. The agenda as placed on the web by Sherry Stanley was prioritized by the members of the group. It was felt that we would not get to everything on the agenda. Eric suggested that we go around the table so that each person can place their most important items on the agenda.

2. Introductions

3. Press Secretary
Jim Lowenstern nominated Sherry Stanley to be the Press secretary for the Green Party of Virginia. Sharon Williams read the section of the bylaws which details the duties of the Press secretary. Bruce Busching suggested that all press releases should be approved by a minimum of two people. Sherry has both a database of media contacts and the ability to fax from her computer. There were a series of questions raised by the group - Has the position been made available to others? How would the press secretary interact with the Nader Campaign? Jana explained that a national press secretary had been hired by the Nader campaign. The general feeling of the group was that the press secretary's position should be kept separate from the Nader campaign. Sherry told the group that Jana Cutlip has been hired as the regional coordinator for the Virginians for Nader Campaign. Sherry Stanley was elected as Press secretary for the Green Party of Virginia by consensus.

4. Treasurer Report - Eric Sheffield
Eric Sheffield reported that the fundraising letter sent out to all Green in the state had moderate success. We raised $750 dollars in dues and donations. Our newsletter was the major expense for the year. All available budget balances held by the Green Party of Virginia are available from Eric.

5. Co-Clerks Report - Jim Lowenstern and Sharon Williams
Jim reported that the Co-Clerks will need to set the dates for the summer and fall quarterly meeting. Also, he mentions questions about the interim committee. He spoke about work with the Nader Campaign. Sharon apologized for not getting a facilitator for the meeting.

6. Approval of the minutes
There were some corrections to the minutes as written by Sharon for the February 5th 2000 meeting in Charlottesville. Carey wanted the following changes to be reflected in the minutes. Tex Wood is running for the United States Senate and not for State senate. Jana did not see the statement in the minutes for the National Green Party plan where it is stated that the Green Party of Virginia had endorsed the plan. She wanted it reflected that the Plan had passed by consensus. Pages numbers should be included in the minutes. Jana wanted the minutes to reflect a change under the section regarding the endorsement of Mark Geduldig Yatrofsky. "The Greens of Virginia endorse Mark Geduldig Yatrofsky for Portsmouth City Council." Sherry felt that the minutes should be approved before they go on the website. The minutes for the February 5th meeting are not currently on the website. (Housekeeping) Sherry has brought food for a potluck. Lunch will be at 1:00pm.

7. State Contact person
This issue of the state contact person for new and potential greens came up at the Nader event at Charlottesville, Virginia. Sherry had the Valley Greens contact information on the fliers for the event in Charlottesville. In the past, the standard practice has been to put the Co-Clerks as contacts. Sherry felt that state contact person should have green presence in the community. This person needs to be reliable, an active participant on the GOV list, answers phone calls, emails, etc. for all potential greens. The group felt that the state contact person should be the co-clerks for the GPVA. This proposal passed with consensus. Someone suggested an automatic responder to reply to email from potential greens which would bring up an automatic message. Sherry suggested that the group ask Muriel about this. Eric explained the procedure for processing new green party members. Sharon, Jim, and Eric received the emails. Eric has been forwarding the emails to active participants of the locals. It would be hard to change things immediately. Sherry has still occasionally getting new members who need information about the Green Party of Virginia.

8. Update on Tex Wood
Eric gave a report on Tex Wood's US Senate campaign. He could not attend the meeting as he is petitioning. He now has 11,000 signatures but he doesn't have them in all of the Congressional Districts covered by the US Senate seat. The group asked what does Tex Wood want from us? Sherry expressed serious concerns about his campaign. She was concerned about the fact that Tex will switch to the political party who does the most work for him. He has publicly stated via email that he will switch the day before the election to the party who has demonstrated the most effective organization and leadership. Carey expressed his support for Tex Wood's race. He asked the group to endorse Tex Wood at this meeting. Sherry read a letter from Tex Wood. Bruce Busching expressed the concern that it is as if (Tex Wood) he is making the endorsement decision for us as opposed to our group making an independent decision. Jim asked that we should delay the endorsement to the next meeting. Bruce felt that it was bad model to compete with other parties to endorse Tex Wood. Sherry read the bylaws under the section for nomination/endorsement process as a means of clarifying the situation. The group wants to know Tex's platform. Does he want a nomination? The group wants him to read the bylaws and follow the process. We also asked that he refrain from putting his candidacy on the Fairfax Green website without prior approval from the GPVA.

9. Results of the Presidential Voting
92 members of the Green Party of Virginia voted in the Presidential Voting. The breakdown of votes is as follows: 68 Nader 17 Gaskin 1 Haglein 5 Jello Biafra 1 None of the Above Gaskin recieved 1 Delegate vote and Nader received the rest of the Delegate votes which can be as high as six. Gaskin achieved just under 20% of the vote. Eric announced that the GPVA have 473 members and within a month we will have 500 members the local breakdown of the members is as follows. Valley - 42 Rockbridge - 139 NOVA - 79 Blue Ridge - 23 Tidewater - 23 GOV - 81 NRV- 18 SGVA - 20 Sherry expressed her desire to see all of the candidates who ran in our presidential primary speak at the convention in Denver. She expressed how much of an honor it was to see Jello Biafra, Joel Kovel, and Stephen Gaskins run in our primary. 92 people voted in our presidential balloting - What percentage cam via Internet, mailing, or in-person. The breakdown is as follows: 50 electronic 24 mailing 15 persons in meeting in Rockbridge and Blacksburg then Blacksburg sent the votes electronically. Muriel and Eric mailed out more ballots than were returned. Sherry sent out ballots to the Valley Greens, Eric sent the ballot to the 300 Email addresses on our state database and those bounced back to us were sent a paper ballot. The Group personally thanked Jim Lowenstern , Eric Sheffield, and Muriel Grim for all their efforts put forward to make the election possible.

10 Update on single party status
Sherry reported to the group that the ASGP and GPUSA will probably not make the deadlines sent in the National Draft Plan before the Denver Convention. Both Groups want some sort of unity. Jim reported that the GPUSA voted to continue dialogue for unity, The Group discussed the upcoming GPUSA Congress in Chicago. Who will go to this meeting ? Jana discussed the importance of having a representative there in support of unity, as crucial decisions will be made on this issue. The Congress will be May 25, 26 - Memorial Day weekend. Jana volunteered to go the meeting in Chicago.

11 Amendment to the ASGP National Platform concerning the Death Penalty
Kelly Branham introduced herself and gave extensive background as an Attorney and litigation specialist on the Federal Death Penalty cases. The proposal as submitted: I am proposing a revision/amendment to section II-F-13 0f the platform. It currently reads. " We do not support, as a matter of conscience, the death penalty," I would like to add the following " While we support the groundswell of national support for a moratorium on the death penalty, we realize that capital punishment cannot be "fixed" to be fairly applied. We therefore call the abolition of the death penalty. Sherry Stanley cosponsored the proposal Kelly asked about the supporters of the moratorium on the death penalty- The American Bar Association and others . The group expressed the need to find out the process for the inclusion of this platform amendment into the ASGP Platform. The members present at this meeting expressed no reservations from putting this into the ASGP Platform. The proposal passed with consensus.

12 Report from GPUSA
Jim asked for opinions from the group regarding how he should vote at the upcoming GPUSA Meeting in Chicago. Important issues to be considered by the GPUSA are The timeline for Unity, the status of the caucuses in the GPUSA, and Dues. These are all concerns expressed about the National Draft document for unification for GPUSA and ASGP into a Single National Green Party. The group agreed to trust Jana and Jim to make decisions at the GPUSA meeting in Chicago. Jana volunteered to fill the second GPUSA delegate position - Jim seconded the nomination. Sherry wanted the following added to the proposal. The Greens of Virginia can change our affiliation at anytime. Our decisions can be reconsidered at anytime with regards to our affiliation with GPUSA Concerns with expressed in the discussion are the following. We want to make it clear that we are working towards a United National Green Party and not a stronger GPUSA. Two proposals have been made. A Do We want to apply to be a represented as a state for the purposes of the Congress and this will include the Rockbridge local. This proposal passed with consensus. B Jana Cutlip will be our representative to the GPUSA. This propsal passed with consensus.

Lunch Break
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

13 Selection of Delegates for the ASGP Convention
Nominees- Michael Green, Jim Lowenstern, Charley Jordan, Sherry Stanley, Bruce Busching, Jana Cutlip, Sharon Williams, Kelly Branham, Roger Clarke, Cary Campbell, May 10th is the deadline for sending delegates selections into the ASGP. Can we vote on alternates to the convention? Concerns raised in the discussion by Bruce Busching- We are casting ourselves as a nominating convention. the goal of this convention will be to vote on seven delegates plus an alternates. the official result must be reflected in the minutes and sent to the ASGP. Regarding the voting process for delegates. the first round of voting. Was to determine if we wanted these individuals to represent us in any fashion in Denver. Those who received more yes votes than no votes advanced to the second round of voting where each person was allowed to vote for seven delegates and the candidates with the top seven vote totals were Selected as delegates, the others were selected as alternates in order of their vote totals. There are not proxies at the convention- If we have 7 delegates then we have 7 votes and this vote count will drop off if someone decides not to go at the last minute. Discussion on how to do the balloting. Eric suggested that the ballot contain the names of the people and two columns for yes and no . You can count vote for as many people as you want to in this balloting. Anyone on our database , who is a member can vote. Carey Campbell withdrew his name from consideration. Delegates must get a majority of the Votes cast. Selection of ASGP Delegates to the Denver Convention- Yes votes Sherry-6 ,Jana -6 ,Bruce-6 ,Sharon-6 ,Kelly-6 ,Jim-5 ,Charlie Jordan- 3, Roger Clarke-3, Michael Green-3,No votes -Charlie -2, Roger-1, Michael-1 We did not receive a clear result, so the group decided to vote again. Each person was asked to vote for 7 candidates Selection of ASGP Delegates to the Convention in Denver Sherry-7. Jana-7, Bruce-7, Sharon-7, Kelly-7, Jim-7, Michael Green -5. Roger Clarke-2 and Charlie Jordan 1 amendment: Alternates would be taken on in order if someone dropped out. Roger Clarke is the first alternate and Charlie Jordan is the second

14. Request for Affiliation by the Fairfax Greens
Carey Campbell representing the Fairfax Greens read a statement concerning this group's wish to be an affiliated local of the Greens of Virginia. Carey described the local's activities dating back to 1996 in support of the Green Party in the state of Virginia. The group was endorsed by the NOVA Greens in the Summer of 1999. Carey asked that the Fairfax Greens be affiliated with the state party and that a web link be established between the state website and the website of the Fairfax Greens. He cited the hard work and dedication he has placed into the party- with the Rail Now Coaltion and the candidates being run by the Fairfax Greens. Eric read the section on locals in the Bylaws. Jana, Sherry, Aaron, and Sharon expressed their concerns regarding the application for affiliation made by the Fairfax Greens. Much discussion concerning endorsement process in the summer surrounding the selection of candidates by the Fairfax Greens who were opposed to many of the positions contained in the Green Party Platform. Heated discussion centered around the candidacy of Virginia Dobey who ran as a Green conservative displacing the Republican Jane Woods in favor of Democratic candidate Leslie Byrne. Carey expressed his desire to work with the group in the future but, he characterized some of our actions as undemocratic in nature. The Application will be discussed at the next meeting. Carey left the meeting at this point after the discussion finished.

15. Report on Nader Petition Drive
The petition drive now has 60 to 70 volunteers and no treasurer at this time. Jana is now the coordinator for the petition drive in Virginia and West Virginia. The Nader campaign has raised $250,000 and hired 7 staff persons. The Campaign has five state coordinators. Nader will be speaking at the IMF/World Bank Protests on Sunday, April 16th at 1pm.Jana has a post office box- PO Box 161, Batesville, Virginia 25161. The Nader campaign website is The campaign is setting up petition information directly from the website for potential volunteers. They are setting up a listserv for each state.Nader has set up unauthorzed committees so we will have to give the Nader campaign a name that doesn't use the candidate's name in the titile. ( ie. Green Victory 2000 )

14 Affiliation request for the Fairfax Greens
The Group decided to come back to the issue of the Fairfax Green's request for affiliation when Caret Campbell unexpectedly left the meeting. 10 minutes more were allotted for this discussion. the main questions raised ; How do we deal with loose cannons? the Group would like to know the implications if he sends his petitions to Richmond for verification and inclusion on the ballot. What will this mean for the Green Party in Richmond?

16. PAC
Eric reported that the Green Party of Virginia is in trouble with the State Board of Elections. The PAC is only for use in campaigns and we cannot dp finances through them. The PAC was established to protect the Green Party name. It can be used for political campaigns. It was felt that the Nader campaign should have a seperate treasurer.Proposal: The operations of the GPVA State PAC not the same as the Green Party of Virginia and Sherry Stanley has agreed to file applications with the state. Sherry will do all ot the bookwork and make sure we are in compliance with the state. There should be no activity in the PAC. This proposal passed with consensus.Eric told the group that thje PAC was on a semi-annual reporting schedule.National Platform- the Delegates who are going to the convention should get together on the Email and discuss the platform as sent by Sherry. Sherry is working with NY Greens on proposals for the education planks . Bruce spoke in praise of returning the 10 Key Values into questions. There was an invitation to support this aspect of the platform.The Deadline is May 15A request should be fowarded to the locals for the input of the members of GPVA, The National Platform is being worked on and the GPVA would like input from its membership. This request for input could be announced on the website.Proposal: Announcement to each of the locals and Email the whole list with results of voting on delegates, appeal for petitioners, and statement on the National Platform with appeal for their comments. Passed with consensus.

17.Peter Robinson
Sherry read a letter from former GOV member Peter Robinson. Peter is interested in finding a mutually agreeable way in which he could become involved with the Greens again. There was a brief discussion. No action was taken.Next Agenda Items Interom Committee Locals Next Meeting We need to have Roger Clarke send the co-clerks the proposals- Endorsement of LAG, Support of Mattaponi opposition to the reservoir, and the support of the Virginia Democratic Coalition

18. Interim Committee
The Interim Committee is made up of Sharon, Jim, Sherry, and Eric.Central Virginia Greens - Aaron
Valley - Dale
NOVA - Muriel
Rockbridge - none
NRV - none
TWG - none
BR - none
The section concerning the Interim Committee was read to the group at this time.

19. Local Reports
NOVA - Jim spoke about the Save the Soccer Field Rally aat Culmore, School of America Rally in DC.
Central Virginia Greens - Ralph Nader came to speak at UVA with 300 people in attendance ; working on petition drive for ballot access.
Valley Greens - The Valley Greens have met once since the last state meeting. Sherry did a petitioning training session with the petitioners at James Madison University. Some of the Valley Greens are working with Taxpayers against the Golf Course. United Electrical is set to go on strike. Sherry working successfully against the SOL's in her community.
Rockbridge Greens had their first meeting in 10 months. They had a mass meeting with 8 people in attendance for the Presidential balloting.

20. Evaluation?
Next Meeting
The Co-Clerks should work on dates for the next four meetings and report back to state.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sharon Williams

Minutes GPVA


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