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State Meeting

Ashland, Virginia
July 31, 1999

Facilitator discusses the consensus procedure briefly. Rebecca Shriner was the facilitator, she used consensus and was trained by CT Butler and trains people on the consensus process.


Eric Sheffield / State Treasurer / Rockbridge Greens
Joseph Auth / New River Valley Greens
Roger Hopper / NOVA Greens
Erica Shriner / Richmond Greens ( forming )
Reber Dunkel / Richmond Greens ( forming )
Sherry Stanley / State Clerk / Valley Greens
Jesse Harper / William & Mary Greens (forming)
Isaac Reigelson / Richmond Greens ( forming )
Mike Looney / NOVA Greens
Jim Lowenstern / NOVA Greens
Carey Campbell / Fairfax Greens ( forming )
Roger Clark / Central Virginia Greens
Tex Wood / New River Valley Greens
Mark A. Geduldig-Yatrofsky / Tidewater Greens
Ula Geduldigig - Yatrofsky / Tidewater Greens
Muriel Grim / NOVA Greens
Sharon Williams / NOVA Greens


Reports from locals and reports from individuals in inactive or nonexistent locals that have been doing some organizing follow:

Political Races

All three candidates Eric Sheffield, Sherry Stanley,and Reber Dunkel gave reports on their political races.

Local reports

Joseph Auth of Va Tech wants to work on establishing Green groups in colleges around the state

Sherry Stanley: Valley Greens are tri city local : Stanley, Staunton and Harrisonburg.  Valley Greens have a coalition with five groups on water issues, around Rockingham County

Jim Lowenstern: NOVA Greens have monthly meetings , work with Fairfax Greens on anti sprawl issues , and local has an adopt a highway site

Roger Clark: Central Virginia greens , growing pains and mentioned Marianne Williamson book and spiritual and political issues.

Eric Sheffield: Rockbridge Greens : meet quarterly. Eric and local are participating at events ( tables ,handing out lit )

Issac Reigelson: Richmond Greens (forming ) informed us about a meeting about rt 195 ,95,64 interchange issues

Treasurer's report:

Eric stated money in bank and how much each local had and number of members in various locals

Report from consensus decision-making workshop

Sherry ; CT Butler was great, conflict is desirable , people must do homework,must accept responsibility Eric : CT Butler has had consensus failures , people (in an organization ) not being together with same understanding of the mission

We passed out Greens of Virginia newspapers, and we folded the newsletter for the mailing

Clerks report

Sherry is resigning clerk position. She served three years and recently with the help of a student updated the web page

ASGP report and discussion

Sherry commented on the success of the Connecticut meeting, Jim, chimed in also

GPUSA report and discussion

Jim and Muriel commented about GPUSA meeting in Washington DC Discussion of recent press release Fairfax Greens put their candidates on a press release sent out by GPUSA at DC event. When GPUSA leadership was alerted to the fact that candidates were not endorsed by Nova local or GOV, they all apologized. Credit was given to Howie Hawkins (a person who has taken a leadership position in GPUSA for years) for responsiveness to GPUSA mistake on press release. Discussion :what we have learned from this whole incident/how we can do this better in the future. Contentious part of meeting was a Discussion on Fairfax Greens and Virginia Dobey. On whether they were Greens and did Fairfax Green candidates believe in 10 key values items will be brought up next meeting. NOVA Greens have not endorsed full slate of Fairfax Green candidates. NOVA Greens have done a preliminary endorsement of four of Fairfax Green candidates

Candidates request to use data base

Proposal to allow candidate mailing from volunteer organization GOV Bulk Mail permit can be used by approved non profit groups , Approval by interim committee of group Decision made by consensus
GOV membership list will be used by Sherry Stanley for her campaign .Approved by consensus, after an amendment stating this is a one time decision not a precedent allowing anyone else to use the data base.

Proposal for accepting in-kind donations

Valley Greens Sherry Stanley, Dale Diaz, Charlie Shelton, Jim Borkholder, Steve Krichbaum, Ed Jankiewicz, Katie Hansen, and Roger Ribbe.

Though our platform pledges that all Green candidates will not accept contributions from PACs, we propose that those candidates may accept in-kind donations of no more than $100 from PACs or lobbyists that the candidate considers sympathetic with our ten key values. was not passed see below

An article in a Sierra Club publication would be a contribution from a PAC ( in the GOV charter no contributions from PAC's are allowed ) The Sierra Club, ( which wants to support Reber ) can do so, through letters to the editor not with an article ( which would be a direct donation since it is a PAC) a letter to the editor in a Sierra Club publication , would not violate GOV charter no contributions from PAC's Mark Geduldig Yatrofsky , came up with this solution

Discussion on Web Site

LISTSERV problems to be revisited next meeting

Next Presidential Election.

The group was split ,on whether to get signatures for the next presidential election ( for the Green candidate and get him on the ballot in Virginia ) This will be revisited next meeting

Proposal for disaffiliation

Sherry Stanley, Reber Dunkel, Steve Krichbaum

For several years now the GOV/GPVA has not been living up to our obligation in relation to the G/GPUSA, Greens/Green Party USA. A commitment to Grassroots Democracy implies that when an organization such as the GOV is affiliated with an organization such as the GPUSA, which relies on participatory democracy as the foundation for its health and livelihood, participation should be a requisite for that affiliation. Also, during this time we have received very little information from GPUSA, including minutes of their meetings or decisions they have made and almost no communication with other groups affiliated with GPUSA or from the clearinghouse. Due to a lack of delegates willing and able to make a commitment to keeping up with the ongoing business of both the GPVA and GPUSA as well as attending most meetings of both organizations and due to the local-based, dues-paying foundation of GPUSA rather than a state-based foundation, it is only fair to both organizations that we suspend our affiliation as a state/region at this time. The GPVA encourages any affiliated locals that are interested to participate in GPUSA activities, gatherings, and decision-making meetings and to report to us any and all relevant information through both our email list and state gatherings and meetings. Results below:

Disaffiliation proposal of GPUSA Controversial will be revisited next meeting

Nomination and election of officers

discussion of open offices, expectations
Sharon Williams and Jim Lowenstern were nominated and accepted the Co Clerk positions
Sherry Stanley was honored for her strong service ,the single Co Clerk for three years and was taken to dinner after the meeting.

Muriels proposal

Three proposals re meetings and clerks
Muriel Grim, Chris Simmons, and Patrick Quinn

1. Proposed: That the GOV/GPVA remove the functions of convening GOV/GPVA meetings from the listed responsibilities of the clerks and create a position of meeting convener to be filled by different people for each meeting and the bylaws be amended to reflect this change. The meeting convener would make all arrangements for place and time, facilitation, recording, agenda, and announcing the meetings. The clerks would be responsible for maintenance of the records and making sure the convener did the job. There would be 2 alternates in case the chosen convener could not fulfill the responsibilities. This is being proposed as a way to lighten the work load of the clerks so that more people might be willing to take on the responsibility of clerk. It might also bring new ideas into the structure of our meetings.

2. Proposed: If the GOV/GPVA agrees to create the position of meeting convener, the bylaws be changed as follows (changes refer to my copy of the bylaws, do not know if it is the most recent): The section related to Meetings and Decision Making (Article VI on my copy of the bylaws).

Add Sections F and G.

F. A meeting convener and two alternate conveners will be chosen by GPVA member or clerks of the GPVA prior to each meeting.

G. The duties of the convener will be to coordinate setting, location, time, and agenda of the meeting; to arrange for meeting facilitation and recording of the minutes; to communicate location, time, and facilitation of the meeting to the clerks at least one month prior to the meeting; and to ascertain that the minutes are distributed, at least one copy to each local; within two weeks of the meeting. The section referring to the clerk positions (Article VIII0 Change Article VII as follows:

Section 2 --- strike the words "and assist in plans for and" so it reads "Coordinate publicity of four GPVA business meetings"

Replace section 3 about setting agenda and facilitation with "At least 2 months prior to a meeting, choose a convener and two alternate conveners to that meeting, if they have not been chosen already by the GPVA membership." (note: this allows the clerks to choose themselves if necessary)

Remove section 4 This section say they should record and distribute the minutes.

results below

The proposal for conveners ( different people than Co Chairs) to set up quarterly meetings was not passed , it is still responsibility of Co Chairs


Facilitator did an outstanding job, Many nice places near by to eat lunch, Reber did a great job organizing the meeting.


Four Green meetings a year. Next meetings:
Oct 9 or 10 /99
Feb 5 or 6 /00
Apr 15 or 16 /00


Glen Besa of the Sierra Club spoke after the meeting on organizing and other issues facing Virginia

Minutes GPVA


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