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State Meeting

Staunton Public Library
Staunton, Virginia
October 4, 1997

Present: Dale Diaz, Kathy Fox, Eli Fishpaw, Steve Krichbaum, Daniel Metraux, Bruce Busching, Eric Sheffield (facilitator), and Sherry Stanley (note taker). Also several guests including Charlie Shelton from Harrisonburg, two members of UE local from Verona, two newspaper reporters, and one TV reporter.

1. Minutes --- We approved the minutes from the summer gathering business meeting.

2. Letter to Brandon --- After Brandon Smith's disturbance at the summer gathering, Sherry and Eric composed and sent a letter informing him that such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tollerated at future meetings. (Appendix A)

3. Treasurer's report --- The balance in the GOV account is $89.64. Eric said we had been about $350 in debt after printing the last newsletter, but thanks to a $200 donation from NOVA Greens and other donations resulting from our campaign frundraiser letter, we are at least out of debt. Kathy said she hoped the fundraiser she has planned for Oct. 18 in Lexington --- with the band No Strings Attached ---- will help to improve our financial situaiton.

4. Reports from locals --- All Greens present were from one local, Rockbridge Greens. Because of this, we were unable to have reports from other locals and, not having a quorum, we were unable to make any decisions. We discussed the problem that locals are not functioning and, therefore, not sending representatives to state meetings. Eli and Sherry said we need to revisit whether we want to continue as a local-based party and also the method through which we make decisions.

Rockbridge Greens have printed 1000 bumper stickers for use in present and future campaigns. The Blue Heron Cafe has opened after the successful RG drive for community financing. It is located in Lexington on Washington Street, off Main. RG took part in the Rockbridge Community Festival. RG have been busy getting names on the ballot and supporting four candidates for House of Delegates and one candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Board. They also plan to run write-in candidates for S&W.

5. Interim committee report --- Kathy Fox has been added to the interim committee as the representative from the Rockbridge Greens. The IC made only two decisions since the summer meeting: approval of David Laibstain as delegate/observer to the summer GPUSA meeting and approval of support for the UPS strike.

6. GPUSA report --- Jana Cutlip was our delegate. She was not present at this meeting and has not contacted the co-clerks since the Labor Day GPUSA meeting. Sherry said that because of continued disintegration in GPUSA, she would like for us to consider disaffiliation.

7. ASGP report --- Jim Lowenstern and Linda Martin were attending the ASGP meeting in Maine on the same weekend as the state meeting. Linda has resigned from the central committee but wishes to continue as Virginia's delegate.

8. Gay and lesbian pride parade --- We had a booth (or table) at the Richmond parade and Green representatives from James Madison University and Student Greens of Virginia. It cost $50, which David Laibstain volunteered to pay. Eric said he had not done so.

9. Reform Party update --- Eric, Jana, Sherry, and Eli met with the Reform Party in July and presented Eli as a possible governor's candidate. Eli followed up by sending our platform and answering basic questions the RP presented to him. Since then, they have nominated Sue Harris DeBauche and Bradley Evans as their candidates. Sherry and Eric have received correspondence from both Sue and Bradley.

10. Campaign update --- Dale, Daniel, Eli, and Sherry reported on their campaigns. All candidates had produced flyers and posters and had plans to participate in forums within their districts. The candidates had already participated in some forums, attended parades, spoken before various groups, and managed to get some press coverage.

11. Nomination of officers --- We were unable to vote because of a lack of quorum. We have the following nominations: Sherry Stanley for co-clerk, Eric Sheffield for treasurer, and Chris Simmons for press secretary. Kathy volunteered to form a nominating committee. Eric agreed to help her with this and will seek other volunteers for the committee from other locals.

12. E-mail proposal --- Eric presented a proposal to limit access to the GOV-LIST (Appendix B). Only thirteen people are now on the GOV forum, but someone else did access the archives. There was discussion as to whether we would be excluding people if we adopted this proposal. Dale asked who the gatekeepers would be. A possible compromise was suggested: anyone can post but limited reader list. Again, we could not vote because we failed to have a quorum.

13. Amendment to the by-laws ---Proposal to change quorum requirement (Appendix C). We couldn't vote on this but agreed the interim committee could handle this.

14. Key values --- Sherry distributed the ten key values in query form and asked that we distribute these widely and possibly consider replacing our statement form with these questions.

15. Winter meeting ---- We agreed to ask Stephen Jones to set up a meeting in Richmond for January 18.

16. Guest speaker --- Staunton Green, Steve Krichbaum, presented us with an assessment of the logging industry's exploitation of the national forests in the Eastern United States. For the past seven years, Steven has been monitoring the U.S. Forest Service and especially the George Washington and Jefferson systems. He works with several groups in efforts to protect our public lands. He said commercial exploitaiton of these lands must stop. Reporters were present during Steve's talk.

17. Candidate workshop --- After the meeting, lunch, and guest presentation, we informally discussed campaign strategy. We talked with the union representatives from the union that has endorsed Sherry and began working on radio ads.


July 20, 1997

Brandon Smith:

This letter is in response to your actions at the July 13 business meeting of the Greens of Virginia.

Physical intimidation and verbal assault have no place in Green process and will not be tolerated. Your actions, getting up in the middle of a discussion and approaching another member while shouting profanities at him and ignoring the facilitator's instructions to desist, were an assault not only on the member to whom they were directed, but on the democratic process of the meeting, all the members and guests present, and the very values which our organization is based on.

If you exhibit such actions at future meetings, we will ask you to leave without further warning.

We are sending a copy of this letter to all those present at the meeting as well as Heather Gay and Kierk Sorenson, whom you were representing.

Eric Sheffield and Sherry Stanley co-clerks, GOV

cc: Eli Fishpaw, Muriel Grim, Charlie Jordan, Jana Cutlip, Peter Robinson, Kathy Fox, Heather Gay, Kierk Sorenson


Email List Proposal
From: Eric Sheffield
September 30, 1997

The Greens of Virginia email list (GOV-LIST) shall be open to use only by members of the GOV/GPVA.


Bylaws Proposal
From: Eric Sheffield
October 1, 1997

I propose that the following addition be made to article VI section A of the GPVA bylaws.


A. Decisions shall be by consensus of those GPVA members present. For major decisions, there must be a quorum which consists of at least one of the Clerks or the Treasurer, and at least one member each of 50% or more of the affiliated locals. <>. If consensus cannot be achieved, a vote of three-quarters or more shall affirm a decision. Minor decisions (Article VII.B.) shall require a simple majority for affirmation.

Minutes GPVA


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