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State Meeting

Blacksburg, Virginia
October 19, 1996

Present: Peter Robinson, Harmony Periman, Mike Scanlon (facilitator), Brandon Smith, Kathleen Pantaleo, Eric Sheffield, Don Mackler, Sherry Stanley (note taker), Richard Pantaleo, Joseph Liversedge, Tim Sakemiller, Tom Linzey, Matt Pethybridge, and Lauren Goldrich, Sarah Williams, and Meredith Simms.

1. Local reports: The three locals represented at the meeting made their reports:

The New River Valley Greens have not been meeting on a regular basis but did work on the Nader petition.

The Blue Mountain Greens have not met for a year.

The Rockbridge Greens have met for 60 months straight. They had their yearly booth at the Rockbridge Community Festival, have continued working on the newsletter, have produced a web site, attended the annual Labor Day political parade, presented a welfare reform forum in Lexington, and produced and distributed a voter guide for the sixth congressional district election. Because of low attendance at monthly meetings, they are considering restructuring.

2. Brandon's thoughts: Brandon asked for six minutes to speak. He spoke of two streams he sees in the Greens, movement Greens and political party Greens. He stated that we should work with other political parties when we can. Peter responded that working for the Democrats and Republicans falls outside our umbrella. Eric reminded us that Mark Yatrofsky noticed his opponent's improved environmental record after the election, which he feels was encouraged by the opposition. There were several comments that repeated that we are different from other parties and we should cherish and maintain that autonomy.

3. Treasurer's report: The Greens of Virginia have $691.27. In the accounts for locals(dues going to locals), the Blue Mountain Greens have $44, NOVA $119, New River Greens $0, Tidewater Greens $55, and Charlottesville, which is not yet a recognized local, $40.

4. Clerks' report: Peter and Harmony presented the clerks' report. Harmony thanked Elise Sheffield for her work on the newsletter, Nell Bolan for her work on the web site, and Sherry Stanley for her work on the Draft Nader campaign. We read and corrected the minutes for the July meeting held in Charlottesville. Peter reported on his work with the presidential write-in lawsuit and his frustration with attempting to place Nader on the ballot in Virginia. He would like to encourage a legislator to bring a law to the General Assembly reducing the number of signatures required in statewide races to 5,000.

5. Write-in lawsuit report: We discussed the lawsuit, which we initiated when we failed to obtain the required number of signatures. Virginia's constitution allows for a write-in candidate on presidential ballots but subsequent legislation does not.

The Green Party of Virginia filed suit against the State Election Board. The Judge ruled against us. Peter said our attorney thinks the Supreme Court would be interested in this case and suggests we appeal the ruling in our continued efforts to further the cause of ballot access.

Later in the day our attorney, Matt Pethybridge, provided a full account of the case. He informed us Judge Melvin Hughes had ruled against us on these issues: * filing too late *constitutional provision we were relying on is unconstitutional according to U.S. Constitution *electors are not candidates or nominees .

6. Decision to appeal write-in suit approved: Even later in the day after continued discussion, we voted to appeal if we can raise the $400. Only members voted. Brandon voted no, Harmony stood aside and protested the fact that we were voting, and 80% voted yes.

7. Women's and social transformation caucuses forming: Harmony announced the formation of two new caucuses, the women's caucus, scheduled to meet on November 17 in Charlottesville, and the social transformation caucus, scheduled to meet in Richmond in December.

8. Newsletter report: We discussed the current status and future of the newsletter. Eric said we could go to 4,000 copies and eight pages this time. We need to create a network of distributors, and we will print as many as we can afford and guarantee distribution.

9. Web site report: Eric reported on our web site. We have had the address for several months, donated by Rockbridge Green, Tom Ahnemann. Recently Nell Bolen volunteered to design the page for us and has transformed what was a very basic web site to probably the best Green site in the country.

10. Web site committee and budget approved: We approved a web site committee consisting of Joe, Kathleen, Mike, Peter, and Eric and approved a maximum monthly budget of $30.

11. Ton Linzey on Nader campaign and attempt to start new National Green Party Organization: Tom Linzey visited and updated us on the Nader campaign and announced that some sort of support organization would exist after the election to at least maintain a web page and an e-mail list. He informed us of a meeting in Middleburg Nov. 16 and 17 that will consist of two representatives from as many states as possible to provide direction for setting up some sort of electoral advisory organization for the states.

12. Middleburg Representatives Appointed: We appointed Harmony Periman and Jim Lowenstern as representatives to the Middleburg meeting with Sherry Stanley and Mike Scanlon serving as back-ups.

13. Future meeting venues: We decided on the meeting places for the next year: In Richmond at the University of Richmond -- Jan. 18 late March -- spring-- northern Virginia summer gathering -- Rockbridge fall -- Charlottesville

14. Communication problems discussion: We discussed the difficulty of communicating with people who do not have e-mail or web access. Tom Linzey said other states handle this by postcard mailings.

15. Tyla Matteson nominated for Congress: Tyla Matteson is running as a write-in candidate in the 1st congressional district race. She had requested that we nominate her, and we did.

16. Bibliography proposal accepted: Sherry distributed a bibliography proposal. She volunteered to keep a bibliography of books that members of the GPVA recommend as solidifying and explaining Green ideas. (See Appendix A)

17. Platform revision discussion: Sherry distributed the platform revision and schedule provision. Peter suggested that we send this with the newsletter and said he would get it in a form ready to send with the newsletter, which should be ready in about a week. (See Appendix B)

18. GOV to host national meeting: Peter and Harmony agreed to host a spring coordination meeting that would be open to Greens nationally. The GPVA will not provide any funds for this project. Peter reminded us that he would step down as clerk after this meeting.

19. National Greens Organization resolution passed: Eric presented his National Greens Organization resolution that we would support such an organization which does not exclude any Green group. We approved the resolution with one stand aside. (See Appendix C)

20. GPVA elections: Eric and Sherry were elected as co-clerks for the upcoming year. Peter was elected as press secretary. These three positions were approved with Harmony and Brandon standing aside. We need to fill the treasurer position Eric will be vacating.

21. Discussion of election process: Brandon opposed the idea of a spokesperson for the Greens; Eric suggested that he should bring a proposal to amend the by-laws to the next meeting. Harmony stood in opposition to the nomination process.

22. Interim proposal accepted for three-month trial: Eric presented a proposal for an interim committee to handle between-meeting business. The interim committee would consist of the co-clerks, the treasurer, the press secretary, and representatives from the locals. We agreed to have a temporary interim committee until some later date when we will discuss this more thoroughly. (See Appendix D)

23. Unfinished business: We ran out of time and did not cover several agenda items including upcoming 1997 Virginia elections and six proposals submitted by Harmony Periman, Heather Gay, and Sheila Lamb (see Appendix E). These will be addressed in the next meeting. The next meeting is January 18 from eleven until five. We will meet in Richmond.


Appendix A. Bibliography Proposal: I would like to create and maintain a Green bibliography. At several meetings we have discussed the need for background information and thought to explain the positions we take, the work we do, the sort of community education in which we engage. One way to do this is to share what we read, watch, hear.

Therefore, if you agree, I will keep a list of such material, and we can discuss how to share it, what form it should take, etc.

Below I have started the sort of thing I have in mind --- just two books right now but I wait for your contributions. If you like this, please send me something like I have below or whatever form we adopt. I have not included publisher, price, etc. because often we are working from memory and canUt call that up and also because some of these books will go into paperback, I hope.

AN UNNATURAL ORDER by Jim Mason --- This is a history book, but not what you would expect. It, as the cover says, uncovers Rthe roots of our domination of nature and each other.S Mason explores the growth of dominionism. He looks at the codification and justification behind humanityUs domination over nature. This book challenges what many see as a law of nature and links dominionism to ecological disaster. We will more clearly understand all our ten key values after reading this, but especially feminism and personal and global responsibility.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS by Dan Baum --- From Lyndon Johnson to the early days of the Clinton administration, Dan Baum explains what, how, and why. The roller coaster ride through the drug war will create nausea and disgust. This is an honest probe of the real political intent behind the anti-drug campaign. And in case you've been missing some of your rights, your liberties, and your privacy, well, you'll find out that the drug war killed them. This is easy to read, informative, and maddening.

So, if this is okay send your contributions to
Sherry Stanley
8 River Ridge Road
Verona, VA 24482

Appendix B. Platform Revision Proposal: We have a 1995 Green Party of Virginia Platform that needs revision for our upcoming 1997 election year. Accomplishing this in a democratic manner without spending a week together poses a challenge. We want to have many people thinking about this for a reasonable period of time so we can have a finished, thoughtful, encompassing platform.

I have provided the current platform and some suggestions we have already received for you to ponder. I suggest that we spend the next couple months thinking individually about the platform and sending those thoughts to me so I can provide us with a compilation of these ideas before our next meeting.

If we agree that this will work, I ask you to send your ideas to me
Sherry Stanley
8 River Ridge Road
Verona, Virginia 24482
I should be changing my e-mail address soon so keep in touch. The following schedule should give us ample time, but I'm open to suggestions.
Nov. 30 -- deadline for submitting ideas for omissions, additions, rewordings, regroupings, whatever
Dec. 15 -- I will send to GPVA members a list of all suggestions I have received by Jan. 5 -- deadline for submitting comments on the list
By Jan. meeting I should have these in some sort of working order so we can decide on adoption or postponement.

Please think about wording, punctuation, etc. For instance, I think the second platform item should read as follows:
We support the right of citizens to petition to place legislation on the ballot to be approved by the voters (initiative), to vote on laws passed by the legislature (referendum), and to recall elected officials from office.

Current platform: (deleted for space considerations)

suggestions for revision

subset for education

support of proportional representation

voting to occur on non-working days or mail-in voting

support for equalization and improvement of per-pupil funding of public schools, between states and within the state

eliminate race and class discrimination in exposure to environmental hazards in communities and workplace

end the war on drugs and replace that war with policies that treat addiction as a health matter, not a crime (possibly to replace two planks we have now)

eliminate US military bases in foreign territories

support a ban on the hiring of replacement workers during strikes or labor disputes

support use of conflict resolution in schools

allow conscientious objectors to pay taxes with no money going to support military activity (peace tax fund)

delete the hemp as medication clause (in part, because hemp is the wrong term)

reinstate the draft with overall goal of drastic reduction in size of military

Appendix C. National Green Organization Resolution: The Green Party of Virginia will participate in all efforts to form a National Green Organization. We strongly believe that there should be only one National Green Organization and that it should include all Greens in the United States.

We will therefore oppose the formation of any National Green Organization which would exclude or disempower any group(s) or faction(s) of Greens which are committed to the Ten Key Values. Appendix D. Interim Committee Proposal: Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws of the Green Party of Virginia September 14,1996
by Eric Sheffield

XVIII. Interim Committee

A. The GPVa shall have an interim committee consisting of the co-clerks, treasurer, press secretary, and one representative from each affiliated local that wishes to be represented. It is highly encouraged that all members of the interim committee have daily access to email as this is currently the most cost efficient, accurate, and democratic medium of communication available and will be the main avenue of communication and decision making.

1. A representative from an affiliated local will be seated on the interim committee upon receipt by the co-clerks of minutes designating a representative to the committee or; a written statement, signed by three members of the local, affirming that the local has selected a representative to the interim committee.

B. The duties of the interim committee shall be as follows:

1. Conduct the day-to-day activities of the GPVa.

2. Make decisions on any matters which can not reasonably be put off until the next meeting of the GPVa.

3. Issue statements on behalf of the GPVa concerning current events.

4. Hire and oversee the activities of all staff of the GPVa.

C. One of the co-clerks shall be designated as the convenor of the interim committee. This position may be alternated, as the co-clerks choose, upon notification of the other committee members. The convenor shall facilitate discussions and certify and record any decisions as well as make reports to the meetings of the GPVa.

D. The interim committee shall strive for consensus in all of its decisions. If consensus is not achievable then approval by all members of the committee minus one shall affirm a decision.

All decisions of the interim committee are subject to revision by the GPVa at any scheduled meeting.

E. All discussions of the interim committee are open to any member of the GPVa. Any member of the GPVa may request to be placed on the interim committee email list and may participate in discussions unless the committee finds such participation to be disruptive.

Appendix E. Unaddressed Proposals:

Proposal #1 -- proposing agenda items (Harmony Periman): Each member of the GOV will limit the number of agenda items per person per meeting to three. Any member having more than three items will select a buddy to present them.

Proposal #2 -- membership list (Harmony Periman): The GOV members list will be sent out to each local twice yearly. This list will not be given out to other organizations, but each local will have access to it for the various public functions. This list will include all e-mail addresses.

Proposal #3 -- GOV internet forum (Harmony Periman): The GOV shall create a forum similar to the GPUSA forum. Any member of the GOV shall have the authority to post on it.

Proposal #4 -- GOV PAC (Harmony Periman): The GOV hereby affirms that the GPVA is a PAC (political action committee) and will have status as such at all meetings (no different than any other committee of the GOV). Reports of events and activities will occur at each meeting, just like any other body of the GOV, including, but not limited to, the officers, the locals, the caucuses.

Proposal #5 -- internal electoral process (Heather Gaye): Interested volunteers for GOV office shall step forward and offer written explanation of why they are interested in serving the GOV at this time. These explanations shall be circulated prior to an electoral meeting. The elections will take place after the review of these explanations by other locals, members, etc. Ballots will be included with each explanation to facilitate mail-in voting by those unable to attend the electoral meeting.

Proposal #6 -- feminism (Sheila Lamb): The GOV hereby affirms the key value Feminism.

Minutes GPVA


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