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State Meeting

Richmond, Virginia
March 30, 1996

Moment of Silence (for Harold Flincker, Leonard Peltier, others).
Appointments of Facilitator (Harmony Periman) and Notetaker (Mike Scanlon).

Peter Robinson read the agenda.

Additions to agenda:
7th District Bliley Race (7A), Treasurer's Report.

1. Reading of minutes deferred to next meeting.

2. Changes to Green Party Central Committee, other resignations and replacements:

There was one death, and three substitutions on our Central Committee:

Harold Flincker (5th CD) died and was replaced by Tex Wood.

Angela Perry (10th CD) withdrew and was replaced by Irene T. Harter.

Sherry Stanley (6th CD) withdrew and was replaced by Elise Sprunt Sheffield.

Linda Martin (AL) withdrew and was replace by Peter Robinson.

Also, our Green Council representative, Tom Cadorette resigned, Eric Peterson will take his place on the Green Coordination/Roundtable.

All of the above substitutions were confirmed.

3. Second Bylaws approval deferred until all have copies in hand (next meeting). At the end of this meeting, a current copy of the Bylaws were passed out to all attendees.

4. Announcements:

Peter wrote to the State Board of Elections, noting changes to electors, state committee, our petitions, etc. A certified mail proof-of-receipt card has been received.

Brandon's address is incorrect on the GOV newsletter, his voicemail # is 804-963-5089

Harmony's new address is PO Box 758, Lexington, VA 24450, vm# 540-462-3282

The state has sent revised forms for the Electors/Central Committee members to fill out. Peter will distribute these.

4a. Treasurer's report: $610.00, with half as state $ and half being held for locals.

Peter R. Noted that the cost of the newsletter per person/per mailing = $1.00 and thus a quarterly newsletter exceeds the $2/person request from the local. We will need to increase that. Harmony will write a proposal to amend this, which we can adopt at the next meeting if desired.

[The following report from Eric Sheffield which was not availbable at the meeting has been added to the minutes.]

The Greens of Virginia have a balance of 263.48 in the checking account.
Newsletter #14 cost $267.76 to print and mail.
I am holding the following moneys for the locals in separate accounts:

Tidewater Greens $35.00
New River Valley Greens $17.00
NOVA Greens $176.00
Blue Mountain Greens $25.00

If any of the locals would like me to forward your money, please
have your treasurer contact me.

Eric Sheffield -- treasurer

5a. Nader petitions: Money spend by the party is counted towards Nader (if he exceeds $5,000 then he must file with the FEC, something he does not want to do.) The Draft Nader group is different, they can spend money without it effecting Nader.

We discussed the particulars of petition signature collecting; i.e. people can sign and then register to vote, as long as it is by Aug 23. Each collector can carry motor voter applications, available at your local DMV. Put a circle around anyone's # that wants to be on our mailing list, and/or a question mark by their # if they are not yet registered.

Bill will write an article on the trend which excludes "politics" from Earth Day celebrations.

5b. There was no support to have a joint effort with the Libertarian Party. Individuals are welcome to make their own decisions regarding signature deals with LP members.

5c. Area coordinators will get loaded down with stickers (25 cents or more each) and petitions.

5d. Media Release. [no notes on this item]

6. Fund raising. Deferred.

7. Request for endorsement by Tex Wood.

Kate spoke in favor of Tex Woods bid. She noted that NRV local endorsed him. Concerns were raised about his support of the 10KV, and the third-party spoiler effect. (See item 7 again later)

7a. 7th District race, Bliley running unopposed. Brandon wants to recruit candidates, and run the race. There is mixed reaction, and Brandon will report to us after he explores this further. (Discussion -- distinction between a green candidate and a GPVA candidate.)

8. Unanimous agreement to buy 10 to 20 copies of Synthesis/Regeneration

9. Report from Platform Commiteee. Deferred.

10. Friendly call to GC/RT. Deferred.

11. Harmony announced the Summer Gathering: May 31 - June 2, Common Ground, Lexington.

12. First position paper: deferred, lots to say.

13. National Platform Topics

1. Support for proportional representation.
2. Voting on non-working days
3. A subset on education
4. Hemp as a medication should read marijuana
5. Support for closing foreign military bases
6. Elimination of race and class in the face of environmental hazards
7. Support for affirmative action

Proportional Representation needs a position paper. Mike will write a draft for the next mtg.

Sherry Stanley will lead a workshop on it at the June Meeting

Eric wants to use the mailing list for a one time fundraiser for RN. This cannot be done, as it will contribute to the $5,000 limit.

The Draft Nader Clearinghouse has permission to send out bumper stickers to those who call the 888#.

7. Continued. Peter read the letter from Tex. Tex has verbally told him (and Kate) that he supports the 10KV. GOV approved a conditional endorsement, contingent upon his sending us a letter stating his support of the 10KV. (Consensus, with one stand aside)

Evaluation: Good vibes, very productive


Minutes GPVA


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