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State Meeting

University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia
February 18, 1996

The treasurer announced that we have $127 in the treasury and that dues-reminder mailings had just gone out to all members.

Eric Sheffield announced that we had received an invitation from VACO (Va. Association of Counties) to attend a meeting. The meeting had been on February 15; Peter offered to send a letter stating regrets but interest in next year.

The next item on the agenda was the question of endorsing Tex Wood's independent run for the Senate. He has been endorsed by his local and offers support of the ten key values. The discussion suggested that we need to have the Green name attached to something going on, but we need to know details of his message and affirmation that he would support the Green platform. The new by-laws ask for a letter if a candidate seeks endorsement. We agreed to include an article on petitioning and announcing Tex's need for signature gatherers in the next newsletter.

Most of the meeting centered around producing a final draft of the by-laws, a state requirement we must meet in beginning the draft Nader movement. By the end of the day, we had produced a document that Tom could forward to the state. We added an amendment clause, recognizing that when we get ballot status we will need to change the by-laws.

We also nominated Annie Goeke to fill the vice-presidential slot on the Nader ticket. Annie is a member of the Pennsylvania Greens.

We agreed that the platform needs to be revised for the upcoming presidential campaign. We agreed to ask the locals for revision ideas; meanwhile, the platform committee will begin its work.

The State Central Committee list has been completed. Because of her association with the Draft Nader Committee, Linda Martin resigned from the SCC. Peter Robinson filled that slot, and we affirmed the slate by acclamation.

Eric Peterson volunteered to replace Tom Cadorette as the Green Coordination representative.

Tom said he would mail master copies of the Nader petition and the accompanying instruction as soon as he completes them. The Libertarian Party has asked us to join them in petition efforts. The general response centered around concerns about diluting our efforts. Tom said this should be an individual rather than party decision, but we agreed to discuss it again.

Tentative plans were proposed for having the summer meeting at Common Ground, hosted by the Rockbridge Greens, on a weekend in the second half of June.

The next meeting will be Saturday, March 30 , in Northern Virginia.


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