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State Meeting

University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia
January 20, 1996

FROM: Peter Robinson, Co-clerk
DATE: February 28, 1996

RE: Minutes of January GPVa Meeting

Thanks to Tom Cadorette for taking these minutes during the meeting. He sent them to me right after the meeting and I apologize for the delay in sending them out.

I've made a few minor corrections but these are essentially as Tom took them and should be considered "uncorrected minutes" until the Spring Meeting.

Note that the next meeting was not held on Feb. 4 because of our second heavy snow fall. After some discussion we reconvened in Richmond on February 18 to finalize the bylaws. I will try to send out the minutes of that meeting and a copy of the final bylaws forthwith. The amendment procedure which we adopted requires that bylaws be agreed to at successive quarterly meetings. So anyone who was not at the Feb. 18 meeting will have another opportunity to review and possibly propose changes to the bylaws at the Spring meeting.

Green Party of Virginia, Winter 1996 meeting Jan 20, 1996 1100am, Jepson Bldg, Room 109, Univ of Richmond

Peter Robinson acts as facilitator until agenda is set.

Facilitators: Harmony Periman, Peter Robinson, Eric Sheffield, Linda Martin, Brandon Smith
Timekeeper: Tom Rahal
Notetaker: Tom Cadorette

Intros -Peter Robinson pr
-Kate Gresham kg
-Sherry Stanley ss
-Harmony Periman hp
-Catherine Hilz ch
-Charles Ogler co
-Harold Flincker hf
-Tom Rahal tr
-Tian Harter th
-Linda Martin lm
-Sheila Lamb sl
-Jim Lowenstern jl
-Eric Sheffield es
-James Ford jf
-Brandon Smith bs
-Patrick Rutger pru
-Mark Yatrofsky my
-Tom Cadorette tc
-Tex Wood tw
-Eric Peterson ep

***ES facilitates***

Lunch order taken care of by PRU
HP sets peaceful tone for mtg

Review of old minutes (by HP) (Fall 1995 mtg) & discussion --need better access to mins
--Peter is working on database; db concerns w/security --need to work on process & group dynamics --national aspects of state platform
--locals organizing intiatives
--re-endorsement of GreenCoord proposal (Cadorette) --BS calls for swifter processing of minutes, hosting local maybe should take responsibility for minutes distribution --PR minutes & directions to mtg 30 days prior to mtg?

Treasurer's Report
--ES $7.53, plus $25 contrib on site
--levy to be assessed at $1 per mem for next 6 months
5 Key Words: "Ecology, Democracy, Justice, Peace, Community"
--usage approved, does *not* replace 10KV
Va Platform
--annual cycle to begin again for changes/additions sumbitted to who? --Tom C. to convene working group, with Sherry S., Mark Y., Peter R., & Eric S.
--Harold F. objects to plank for term limits. It was pointed out that this is not in the platform but was endorsed by the Rockbridge candidates.

--deadline is Feb 20th, submissions encouraged --LM congrats ES & staff on newsltr
--PR asks that GOV get larger billing on banner --LM suggests that we continue to mail to "friends" of Greens on maillist --PR suggests one free issue a year to solicit contrib & regs --SS suggests publishing in other forums/newsltrs as well --MY does not want us to give away anything for free, sans complimentary issue, does not like the libertarian way of doing things, suggested a subscribers rate
--TR editors' deadlines need to be respected, there are some benefits to free offerings, electronic publishing/home page?

[5 min break at 12:40pm]

Brandon's 5 min
--need to emphasize that he and other Greens either worked vig for Dem cand against Greens, or that they believe Greens do not need to be doing electoral actions in Virginia, net effect of Green leg races may have contrib to Repub add'l seat (Elise Sheffield's race?), "when personalites prevail, process & principles perish"
--numerous voices spoke in response to Brandon's points, generally disagreeing with Brandon's viewpoint

[Lunch break 1250pm to 120pm]

KG recites a very Green spiritual exhortation

***LM facilitates***

Nomination & endorsement procedures
--written proposal submitted by Eric
--indiviudual items discussed
--proposal amended and adopted for the organizational document by consensus:

Green Party of Virginia (GPVa) Candidate Nomination and Endorsment Policy

1. The GPVa may nominate or endorse candidates for local, regional, state and national offices.

2. The word "nomination" will be used when the candidate will be publicly identified with the GPVa. The word "endorsement" will be used in all other cases.

3. A nomination/endorsement may occur at any official business meeting of the GPVa. Any nomination/endorsement will be subject to the usual process of review by the locals, unless the proposed nomination or endorsement was specified on an announcement distributed to all affiliated locals at least one month prior to the GPVa business meeting.

4. A candidate may be proposed for nomination/endorsement by any member of the GPVa or affiliated local.

5. No candidate will be nominated or endorsed by the GPVa if the nomination or endorsement is opposed by an affiliated local which encompasses the candidates electoral district.

6. It is highly encouraged that candidates who wish to be considered for nomination:
a. Be an active member of an affiliated local
b. Seek the nomination of all locals within their district, and then seek the GPVa nomination
c. Attend or send a letter to the GPVa meeting at which their nomination will be considered

7. Candidates who accept a GPVa nomination for office will be considered official Green candidates. As such, they should be a member of a Green organization, embrace the platform of the GPVa, and identify themselves as "Green candidates."

8. The GPVa may endorse independent candidates who support the Ten Key Values and who generally endorse the GPVa State Platform.

National Nader PAC
--Nader will not run business as usual campaign --he will not spend more than $5000 of his own money --we must establish ourselves as independent pac working with no cooperation or input from Nader
--establish a national clearinghouse for states to coordinate their draft efforts, can be reached at 202-GO-NADER

***HP facilitates***

State Draft Nader effort & composition of State Central Committee (as defined by the Commonwealth of Virginia)

--requirements for state ballot access listed --approved Draft Nader effort by consensus --Tom C. nominated as volunteer coordinator, will facilitate petition drive, and will send all necessary paperwork/party plan/bylaws to the state. Petition drive working group: Jim Lowenstern, Eric Sheffield, Sheila Lamb and Tian Harter.
--SS wants us to ask Nader to endorse the GPVa platform -- Tom will handle.
--partial slate of electors nominated:

1st Tyla Matteson alt Jack Balkwill
2nd Mark Yatrofsky alt
3rd (to be recruited/nominated by Mark Y.) alt
4th (to be recruited/nominated by Mark Y.) alt
5th Harold Flincker alt Peter Robinson
6th Sherry Stanley alt Eric Sheffield
7th (to be recruited/nominated by Peter R.) alt
8th Jim Lowenstern alt
9th Kate Gresham alt
10th Angela Perry alt Tian Harter
11th Sheila Lamb alt
At Large 1: Linda Martin
At Large 2: Susan (Harmony) Periman

--state central committee
Linda M. nominated as chair, Tom C. as secretary eleven electors to serve as central committee members

--MY suggested that we target the May city council races and the Senatorial primary in June for petition signatures.

Legal assistance
--need to shake the trees develop pool of legal advisers for ballot access issues

--Tom Rahal will handle search efforts

Fund raising
--TR will head up a canvas group to research fund raising issues, and coordinate a fund-raising effort
--Peter R. & Catherine H. will explore 900# fundraising options --discussed campaign contribution limitations and definition of in-kind contributtions -- more research needs to be done -- general sense was to restrict individual contributions to $100 cash and $500 in-kind per donor.

Bylaws & GPUSA
--LM will obtain Hawaii by-laws for our research (re: decertifying non-Green candidates, lunatics, etc.)
--Tom & central committee will revise by-laws and submit those for approval to the GOV for approval. By consensus, adopted Eric S.'s proposal to replace "I. Affiliation" as:

"The Greens/Green Party of Virginia hereafter referred to simply as the GPVa) is an autonomous independent political party sharing kinship with other Green Parties in the U.S. and the world, through our common adherence to the Ten Key Values."

--Peter R. will craft an addition to our affiliation providing language to clarify our relationship to GPUSA.

Position paper: Drug War
--Peter R. has paper he wants published in Newsletter--consensed

GPVa Representatives to GC/RT
--Consensed: Tom C. & Harmony P. will act as GC/RT reps

Agenda items tabled: Endorsement of RT, Consideration of Myerson amendment to Green Coordination proposal, "A" List.

Next meeting to be held: Feb 4th, in Richmond, tentatively at the Jepson Bldg, Univ of Rich, from approx 1200pm to 200pm. By-laws revisions, remaining electors, and vice-presidential candidate selection will be confirmed.

Evaluation: by consensus, everyone agreed that it was a great meeting!

Minutes GPVA


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