GPVA Says ‘American Health Care Act’ is Wrong for America

“Trumpcare” is not the answer
Richmond- March 15, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia announces that it stands against the GOP replacement for 'Obamacare', finding it unsuitable for Americans. Recognizing that the current system needs replacing, the GPVA says that the one offered resembles in many ways the failed 'Obamacare'.

The GOP’s AHCA alternative does not replace the ACA with a better plan but instead takes Americans backwards. It is merely a lazy rewrite of the old plan with partisan removal of parts they do not like. It does not adequately address the healthcare crisis in America, one that can only be addressed with coverage for all Americans. We are committed to the principle that healthcare is a human right for all and not a privilege for the few

Although pre-existing conditions will remain covered, a 30% increase in premium will be required if one allows insurance to lapse. The tax penalty for opting out of insurance would disappear but tax breaks to replace the federal subsidies for low and middle income people will not benefit working people, rendering it unaffordable.

States may remain in the Medicaid expansion until 2020 and those who are already in the program will receive benefits, but with no new enrollees. In addition, a flawed change in Medicaid funding in a per capita system will decrease eligibility.

Large employers would no longer be required to cover employees leaving many without coverage while services paid by Medicaid for women at Planned Parenthood clinics would cease, leaving too many women with no access to many health services. Bottom line, working people, women and the elderly will suffer greatly under this new plan.

The new plan is not aimed at tackling the crisis. It shamefully uses the American people as pawns in a partisan battle. GPVA co-chair B. Sidney Smith said, "Americans need genuine leadership. They need a government that looks to the well-being of its citizens rather than to maintaining the obscene profits of health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations."